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Greetings Wyrmrest Accord. I wanted to start a fresh new thread to discuss and plan my Horde Event to welcome the new Pandaren to the Horde in the coming Expansion Pack.

    Summary of Event.

On release day of World of Warcraft : Mist of Pandaria, I will spend the entire first day roleplaying in character and welcoming all those Pandaren who wisely join the Horde and I will be giving out gifts in the form of supplies and rations to give them alittle advantage over their Alliance Counterparts as they venture into Kalimdor to quest and adventure!

    Can I help and give away items?

Absolutly ! Infact I have one of two Ideas that I planned on using. If no one was intrested in helping I was planning on just having myself and Mugala give out items as Proud Soldiers of Orgrimmar. But If some of you agree to help what I would like to do is have the members of the Pandaren race who join the Horde, arrive in Orgrimmar to a group of "Ambassadors of the Horde" with gifts welcoming them. Members of every race of the Horde!

While having the Title " Ambassador <name> '' won't be a requirement, it would be great if you could try to unlock it since we still have 2-3+ months till release day sadly.

    What Items are we giving out?

  • 1 Large Supply Bag.
    Each and every new Pandaren will be given an extra bag equal too or greater in size then the Backback ( 16 Slots ). Currently this Bag will be a Netherweave Bag , because of the simple mats to collect and mass produce. Additional Bags may be given away by other members of the event.
  • Food Rations.
    Food Rations will include such tasty items as...
    Lean Wolf Steak : Lean and full of flavor and protein to keep a Horde Soldier going.
    Smoked Sagefish : For those Pandaren who prefer not to eat meat, yet are ok with Fish.
    Crocolisk Gumbo : Warm and hearty veggies, rice, and of course Crocolisk.
  • Elixirs and Supplies.
    Buff Items including...
    Scrolls of Strength, Agility, Stamina, Spirit.
    Heavy Sharpening Stone Minor Wizard Oil Heavy Weightstone
  • First Aid Supplies.
    First Aid Supplies will include such important items as...
    Silk Bandage Healing Potion Lesser Mana Potion Anti-Venom
    • Can I give away my own items?

    If you wish to give out your own items, all I ask is that you let me know ahead of time here or in game and that you try to have items that will be useful, fun, and have enough of them for the large amount of Pandaran we will be seeing arrive in Orgrimmar. If we know ahead of time what items you wish to give out we can coordinate between eachother. Perhaps others want to give out the same items you do or donate items you wish to give away!

    Items I would prefer not be given away are items that are useless, user created, plain letter messages, or items that are simply clutter. Also remember you'll need ALOT of said items, you dont want to run out early!
      I don't want to spend the day giving out items, but I do want to help? Can I donate items?

    I understand that many of you will want to spend your first day of the expansion leveling, questing, perhaps even starting your own Pandaren who will arrive at this very event. If you would like to help this event by donating items please see the above list and reply or contact me in game on which item(s) you wish to donate to the event. I will accept them and ensure that they are given out to all those new Pandaren who arrive.

    If you wish to Donate Items, as of this moment only items on the list above will be accepted. Items not on the list currently may be accepted if another Volunteer agrees to store and give away the same item type. Because of the space of storing the items, unless another Volunteer agrees to store and give away the item(s) at the event any unapproved items will be returned to sender.

    Any items that remain after the 1st day of the Expansion that were not given away will be returned to donator, vendored, or sold on the auction house for a fraction of their worth.

      When and Where will this event be held? I want to come see it !

    The Location of the Event has not been set yet as I am still not 100% sure where the best place to set it up will be. From what I understand the Pandaren arrive in Kalimdor in a Hot Air Balloon somewhere near Orgrimmar. So the event itself will most likely be held somewhere close to Orgrimmar or inside the city itself. Those members of the event with Faction Banners of their race will be encouraged to plant and stand before their banner to help Pandaren locate the event and show faction pride! So if you don't yet have a faction banner now might be a good time to get one!

    But lets try not to go crazy and out due eachother. 1 Banner per Faction, and please No Guild Banners or Battle Standards. This event is to welcome the Pandaren to the Horde, it is not a Recruitment drive for your guild.

      What if I have another question or something that you haven't answered?

    Well then ask it here. Duh? I'm always active in game and here on the forums, although I've been trying not to troll at all....but I will check the forums and answer your questions as quickly as I can!


      List of Horde Ambassadors.


  • Kie'thoo Wolfsong
  • Mugala Wolfsong
  • Scowl
  • Trolls.



  • Araindwen
  • Jaxel
  • Forsaken.
  • Valefar
    • + List of Item Donators to the Event. +
    Reserved just in case....Didnt think I would fill 2 this fast.
    I shall like to be an ambassador if possible :D

    Also, what do you need this alchemist to make?
    Instead of Elixirs. Perhaps we should use Scrolls instead. As Scrolls are more uniform in level requirements, they all require level 15.

    But last 1/2 as long.
    I thought the welcoming event was Garrosh unleashing a small army on them. :3
    You know, I had this whole trollish reply formed in my head because I couldnt believe that Kiethoo would honestly welcome the hordes of Pandas soon to invade Orgrimmar.


    But I cant troll someone who is actually trying to help people.

    I will mention however that the overwhelming majority of the new Pandas that will be arriving will be alts of people who already have Horde mains, and they will probably be rocking heirloom gear, gold, bags, mounts, and pets as soon as they reach the closest mailbox.

    But thank you for reminding me. I should plan for an influx of Gnome Monks myself.

    - Forbs
    "For Gnomeregan!"
    It's great to see this taking shape, Keithoo. You've been planning this for quite a while now and I hope it is very successful.
    I love the idea, and you know Ill be helping on my Forsaken, Valefar.

    But thank you for reminding me. I should plan for an influx of Gnome Monks myself.

    - Forbs
    "For Gnomeregan!"

    And thank you for reminding me.


    We still do need a gnome or two.
    If an Alliance version of this does not come up, COUNT ME IN, KEITHOO.
    Yeah this will be great.

    Give 'em some presents before Garrosh sends them into an arena to fight for his amusement.

    So Orgrimmar is Rome now?
    Great to get some comments finally.
    @ Araindrwen - Name Added to Ambassadors List. Currently as a Chemist your best items to craft would be the potions listed above or the Elixirs.

    @Grunilde - Hmm. Scrolls are more uniform arnt they....perhaps we should use Scrolls instead. I will look into that.

    @ Forbindra - Are you kidding? I can't wait to welcome Glorious Comrade Pandaren into the Great Socialist System of the Peoples Republic of Kalimdor. But I am excited for this event and some new quests and lore to explore, besides anything that lowers the Forsaken and Blood Elf Overpopulation is a good thing. Last I checked our horde was still 55% blood elves and only 8% Orcs : ( Also, I know most will be alts, but some wont be or will be players who perhaps dont have heirlooms or lots of gold so this will help them alittle.

    @ Silverheart - Great, I was worried I wouldn't get any Forsaken to do the event. Let me know if you wish to be an Ambassador or just a donator and I will add you to the list!

    @ Embrr and Staark - " ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!! "

    - Forbs
    "For Gnomeregan!"



    I think this is a great idea. While I might not personally care for the female pandas, it's nice that they're all welcomed. <cheers Kiethoo>
    So Im thinking Scrolls instead of Elixirs.....what do you guys think?
    I say Scrolls. They are level 15 and stack and are just as easy to make.
    I agree. Scrolls are better then Elixirs in this instance.
    They are all level 15 and give about the same buff as the oddly leveled Elixirs.

    We'll need to recruit some Pickers and Scribes for this.
    I shall work on the healing and lesser mana pots then. :D
    Do you want me to go ahead and make some of the bandages too?

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