best warlock names?

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Digimon, digital monsters...
Sorry actually I win.
224 post of people CLAIMING their name is the best

225 now

I win.
My female undead is named Moldielox :)
I'm kinda partial to mine.
I love that name im using it for my undead lock and i know what its from so its even better.
I picked mine because I wanted a Necromancer type name, so Necrølørd
Google mine, and you'll see why it's awesome.
<--- /me takes cookies and runs away.

I even have milk for my cookies. It's the whole package really. Some clever names in this thread, lol.
You called?
Gnop - The little Gnome with the giant Stones. Don't be a noob, click and don't move.

Broke my heart when they changed it so you didn't have to click :(
Imo take a name then say it in demonic and there you go. This guys name was sprowel and it is zennshi in demonic. Idk for sure but his name now is demonic in horde as in a horde said it in demonic and came up with this.
My locks name is Drcocoqtpie
I find mine rather original.
oh names? i never lose.
I think mines more fitting of a shadowpriest because Rasputin was a priest anyway

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