best warlock names?

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I have the name Flametusk saved for my transfer to a troll soon. Should be good :)
Mine's a disease. Withering of the body due to lack of nutrition. Felt it fit the class and race.
Vandergard is obviously the best warlock name of all time.
My EQ2 assassin is called Doppelganker ....
G'day !
The best name: Peter
Poopy face is a good name
What warlock doesn't like tacos?
Cool lock name checking in
I like my name, not very locky tho.
Oni - japanese for demon
Vex - synonym for torment
Noxious, harmful, or poisonous.
injurious - noxious - harmful - prejudicial - detrimental
Mine and I like pie :D
Necrosha is a good girl name

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