best warlock names?

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i like mine :P or hairydotter :P
my name enough said Lol!
What about "GoodLock"
Mine because they named a movie after me.
I may be named after the spell locks get...

nuff' said

Incendium would fit the bill quite well. It's latin and depending on the context could mean: fire, burning, conflagration, arson, firebrand, perdition, downfall, affliction, and misfortune. I really only went for the ones that sounded warlock esque.

Simple and powerful name right here (at least I like to think so!)
Mine is also a Latin phrase. It translates to "I have sinned". 0_-!
The Lord of the Poison of God, The Angel of Swift Death, and the Father of All Demon-kind in ye olde Jewish lore.

I win.
Benafflock and Mattdemon.

I lost the 2v2 because i couldn't stop laughing for 12 minutes straight.

Haha!! That's awesome!
^^^ lol indeed. Names depend how serious or how not serious you wana make your character. I mean you can go comedic like sirdotsalot lol but i always find things unoriginal myself naming yourself ipwnu or naming a frostmage iceman etc.

My buddy's DK i can't spell it off the bat lol but it translates into living plague and stuff like that i admire. It's like petrisvivus or something close to that. I am still happy with avime and have been for many years, but even my alts, i name a paladin or hunter or warrior accordingly to how i think a warr, paladin etc should sound.

My buddy made a priest and named him humanhealer im like SIGH. Lol ya that took ALOT of planning lol. Every alt i make i put at least 15 mins or more into it and check the armory cause hey why not be unique?
I like it when people tell me my name is funny or gross.
Vex - to torment, trouble, distress, or plague.
eer - suffix - one who enjoys, provides, or is capable of.

Vexeer - one who enjoys tormenting.

My name is very fitting for a warlock and is easy to pronounce. Vex-eer.
Ok ok ok... today in a random I was tanking and this lock was named "Demolock" and he was actually destruction.

I spent the entire Well of Eternity coming up with lock names... mostly because after the 4th or 5th one someone was like "OMG ENOUGH!" so I had to keep going. Naturally.

Here are some that I came up with:


Felflamer (only works for a certain kind of warlock)

Outdoturhots (for pvp warlocks)



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