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Greetings All,

Firstly thank you for taking the time to check this out.

We are an Oceanic Gaming Community; we have been together since 2002.
As we approach our 10 year anniversary we would like to expand the community.

South Pacific Gamers is all about having fun and gaming together. We have been around since 2002, so we are not a fly by night Community, we are here to stay for the long run. We have many years of experience with anything gaming wise.

Introduction Video: http://youtu.be/ED_Yb_c57g4

What we are looking for:

A Warcraft PvP Division.

- We are looking for leader/s to launch our PvP Team in WoW grow its population and build a home for themselves their friends in our community.
- We are keen to get things started straight away.
- We are based in Australia/New Zealand
- We are looking for that one qualified person to get the PvP Team off the ground and make something of it. Be it alone or as a group of friends already playing together, we are open to a merger discussion.

What we offer:
- High Level Guild with the perks and a Solid Progression Raiding team.
- We Supply and sponsor Community Site, Forums, Ventrilo, and many other tools you may require.
- Our Community Leaders offer full support and are qualified to help in almost any issue.
- To the person/s male or female with the right attitude and passion we offer all the control you need to build on our PvP team.
- We have in game and out of game competitions with some great major prizes.
And much more.

Networking: Youtube, Twitter, & Facebook

We would encourage interested person/s to contact us by email: netlynx_alliance@hotmail.com, in game or below.

And we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to discuss this opportunity.

We will endeavour to reply to any questions on forum replies but recommend for best response to contact us via email.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Got you back ;)
Pretty much interested :) ill shoot you a mail !
I'm a wizard!
06/18/2012 12:17 AMPosted by Dice
I'm a wizard!

omg that hat......
brb cleaning keyboard

Gotta farm/find the tight shorts soon, and mini shirt.

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