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This topic is very often on the forums, and while it may seem like a terse answer, it is the truth. If someone is looking for answers they often discount the stickies. I do not know why, maybe they think they are just there for decoration? (sarcasm here)

There is a reason they are made into stickies. They answer questions people ask ALL the time. The ones who make the threads to be helpful and encourage rp and set some kind of standardized set of guidelines are not being paid for their efforts. They do it to help improve the rp community.

As for which realm to go to, it is a good question, also answered a million times almost verbatim the same way. Instead of someone asking this same question, even a look down the list on the first page has answers to it. People do not even look. They just start a new thread asking the same question and I don't know...maybe expecting a miracle and be pointed towards the best rp realm there is.

Guess what, there is no magical realm where everyone rps nicely and does it without ganking or calling people who do not know how "noobs" does not exist. Right now, the most popular realms are crying like babies because their realms are SO popular they have a que time. So if you are looking for a realm that has good rp and has lots of rpers, you will have to wait in que...or you can try out a less popular, quieter realm.
Is there any casual RP/raid guild in Moon Guard that are accepting paladin/mage/priest (I have all classes). I am willing to transfer server if needed :-)
I'm partial to Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord.
Personally I like Moon Guard, we have such a great player-base with a lot of people who RP (Most are good... Some are bad). Only problem is Goldshire, which is usually filled with trolls (and I don't mean the Horde-side trolls). All-in-all, best server I've ever been on!
I've spent a good amount on Moon Guard and explored the other servers and have to say the Moon Guard is the strongest. Wyrmrest Accord is second, but it is visibly dying and may fade away too if the RP guilds don't step up their presence. (In my opinion)

1. MG
2. WrA
3. CC ( May overtake WrA )

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