[A] Final Reckoning LFM for both teams!

Final Reckoning is looking for a fair few players to fill out our two current raid teams. Both teams have 6-7 consistent raiders and are looking for find a few more people that maintain 75% or higher raid attendance. Our website is www.thefinalreckoning.guildportal.com . The below is a brief summary of topics that you can find there in greater detail. Should there be a discrepancy between this post and the website, the website will take precedence.

Who we are:

First and foremost we are a raiding guild. Our goals are end-game progression while maintaining an atmosphere of fun and silliness. We have been an active raiding guild on Dalaran since TBC and grew over the years to a progression-oriented raiding guild during WotLK. In Cataclysm we have seen each tier of content completed and set on farming status. This being said, we are not hard-core. We raid 2-3 nights a week with an occasion alt run just because we can. With Mists of Pandaria right around the corner we are looking to continue our trend of content completion/farming so if you make the main spot now, you will have it for MoP.

Recruitment Needs:

***We are looking to start a 3rd Progression team. If you do not fit the requirements for any of the spaces currently available keep this in mind if you are interested. We are open to starting this team up if we have the necessary players and can establish the days/times for it to be raiding. These days/times are determined via the in-game calender and guild discussions and it would be a requirement to be a part of the guild to partake in these discussions so that we have a better idea of where to begin. This team will also need a strong leader (one that can abide by the guild rules as well) so if you feel like you are up for it please do not hesitate to contact us. You WILL have our full support***

Team 1: Raid Times: Tues/Wed 10:30pm-1:30am (The late night team)
***Current Progression: 8/8N - 1/8H***

Need back-ups: Healer/DPS combination of any sort. Be willing to run either spec.

Team 2: Raid Times: Thurs/Sun 7:45pm-10:30pm (The no-so-late night team)
***Current Progression: 8/8N - 1/8H***

1 Heals
1 Rdps
1 Tank - (This is only a temp fill as our MT has to take a few months off for RL stuff)

If you have any questions or are interested in a trial period feel free to contact any of the recruiters listed below (or an online member is a recruiter is not online):

Solitary (alts: Altpaladin, Solitàry (alt+0224))
Totembeard (alts: Phonos, Chelia, Crisapha)
Lilgizmo (alts: Lilgrump, Liltunk, Lilbillz, Lilgrim, Lilworgy)
Adious (alts: Gramgramps, Kineaon, Piedude)
Aerandirse (alts: Cheros, Ulbrecht)
Yarglebargle (alts: Gekiido)
Kiadai (alts: Samjai, Tauroneo)
Our expectations:

While our primary expectation is that you can make 75% of the raids we do have a few more finer details. World of Warcraft has progressed greatly from where it was even last expansion. The amount of resources available both in-game and via the web provide any player with a large amount of viable information for the development of both their character and as a player. With this comes the expectation that you understand how to play your toon effectively not only in rotation, but also gear/gems/chants/reforging. With raid finder comes a simplistic understand of fight mechanics and you should at least understand those. We can explain the finer details to you when the time comes. That sounds like a lot, and if you do want to raid it is what will be necessary to be successful and have fun but do not let this interfere with a desire to want to raid. We are all human and mistakes happen, which leads me to the greatest expectation of all. ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM. I, and many others, can coach you on your toons, teach you fight mechanics and troubleshoot wipe-filled situations that you may or may not be partly responsible for. What we cannot do is read your mind and answer the question you have if you don't vocalize it to the rest of the raid group. Insulting and degrading behavior is not tolerated at all, so you have all the freedom to ask the question you have on the tip of your tongue.

Loot Rules:

As a new recruit you are subject to a 30-day trial period. This can be extend or reduced based upon your fit with the guild, activity and participation but typically is only 30-days. As a recruit you are bottom on the list of loot. Do not let this dissuade you however as once you become a member you have equal rights to any loot that drops based on the following rules:

1. Main Spec > Off Spec
2. Each person receives 1 'need' roll before getting a second. Basically if 3 people role on a tier piece and you win, the next tier piece that drops you can roll, but if anyone who has not won already rolls against you (and can actually use/benefit from it) they will win it over you. If everyone that rolls has already won, then you are back to square one and can win again. This ensures even distribution of the loot.
3. Off Spec rolls follow this same pattern as well, however no Off Spec roll will ever win over a Main Spec roll even in the case of a Recruit vs Main.
4. BoE's are Main Spec roll only. If no one needs the item for Main Spec it automatically goes into the guild bank. There will be no 'AH' roll. If you would like the item for OS you can discuss that specific situation with an officer after the raid is over.
5. Pattern's/Plan's/Receipe's will be rolled for and do not follow the "1 win and spread the loot" concept. You can will multiples during any given run. You will need to link your profession and be at max level prior to winning the item. If no one can use the item it will default to the guild bank. If you reach max level at a later time and wish to have the item, please discuss it with an officer.

As mentioned before, if you are a recruit you fall at the bottom of the loot list. This means that you will always lose on loot rolls to a Main Spec roll by a member.


Ventrilo (mic not necessary but preferred)
DBM (Deadly Boss Mods)
Guild Calendar - Sign up for raids (Note, if your part of the core team and you dont sign up you do not forfeit your spot unless your late and we happen to fill it prior to you logging in. We will not punish you for not signing up it just helps us to know who we have available)
Omen (With the changes to tanking due to vengence this is no long "necessary")
Decursive (or the like if your class has that ability)

TL:DR - If you dont want to take the time to read this, Ill assume you really are not interested in being "part" of a guild.
Updated "Recruitment Needs" Section
Updated "Recruitment Needs" Section

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