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I keep getting a issue connecting with wifi, mobile armory tells me port 8780 may be being blocked. I am not in a 3g area, but it was working through wifi with no issues a few hours earlier. I have tried resetting the router, rebooting my phone, deleting and reinstalling mobile armory...all didn't work. Help??
This happens to me as well. Half the time I can't log and half the time I can. I sometimes go days without being able to log in and that entirely DEFEATS the purpose of me paying for this service.
The last 2 days I've been busy in RL and wanted to keep my auctions up to date but to no avail.
Normally I'd just say screw it and log in but I really didn't want to log in at all (transitioning to a new job).
But now I'm forced to since this PAID service is on the fritz once again.

If there is a fix I can do please tell us otherwise I'll save the few dollars a month.
Sorry if I sound rude but I'm a bit frustrated with this thing only working half the time.
We encountered some problems over the weekend that should be resolved now. Our server engineers have been pretty busy with the D3 launch, but have since pinpointed a bug related to the reported disconnection.

We're also working to tighten up our maintenance process so that it impacts Mobile Armory usage less.
I'm having the same issue. Same issue I've been having for days. And now I consistently can't log into guild chat, either. Keeps saying the chat connection has timed out. REALLY frustrating. I'm paying $3/mo for what exactly?

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