★Shining Force 25m/3days 11/13H

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We are shiny, come play with us.
My Experience:
8/8HM Dragonsoul (5/8 HM PRE-NERF)
7/7 Heroic Firelands (on DK, 6/7HM on war, both toon's have GOTFR)

My Toons:
403 IL arms warrior 8/8HM - Rágnarok
404 IL unholy Dk 7/8 hm - Morgoth

Both toon's are back on Mal ' Ganis
I also pvp as well and have full cata set on my dk
I'm a strong laid back player looking for 10 or 25man progression raiding. I'd like a guild with 8/8 heroic nothing less and with a strong intention of good progression come Mist. My offspec is Blood/frost for pve and unholy for pvp

My real id is david_walters1987@live.com feel free to contact me.
Cheezey, I saw that the wowprogress profile said you had a high need for ret paladins but it seemed like you guys already had atleast 1 possibly 2 of the spec, and pretty good ones at that. Is that recruitment info updated or is someone quitting?
Not a huge need for any melee at the moment, but we are always looking for excellent players. So feel free to apply!

page 2 Eazy, you are slacking.

inorite. been busy with sinestra

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