Which healer will be best in MOP?

Which healer will be best in MOP: Monks, Resto Druid, Disc priest, Holy paladin, or Resto Shaman?
Monk till they get hit by the nerf bat like they did to Death Knights :P
5.0: Monk
5.1: Disc Priest

have you guys seen the crap r shamans get? 40% damage reduction on a 15s cd (physical ability non-silence-able)

preparation for all of our totems (SLT PREP SLT) also works for mana tide and healing tide totems so regen should be a joke.

insta g-wolf baseline, purge removing 2 buffs per use again, no cd on riptide cant wait.
I don't know about other healers being the best other than monks. I've heard somewhere blizz going to make caster have a limited amount of mana since intellect may not offer mana anymore. Along with heal spells are going to end up eating up mana a lot faster.



That's just a part time bug thingy. Enjoy while you can.
Yes it will heal your pet though.

OT: all the healers feel OPish it's really hard to say but dispel on a CD will make it intersting while trying to keep your dps agressive with cleanse.

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