★H★Midnight Paradox★Open Recruitment★3/6MVN

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Currently seeking Ele Sham & Fire Mage... Please apply at http://midnightparadox.shivtr.com/

Also, feel free to contact an officer in game:

CO-GM: Akie,Kahotika,Chiyü
Officers: Merks, Aparadoze
^^ Please!
Still looking for that Enhance Shaman and Resto offspec?
From what I understand we need Ele spec with Heals os.
06/21/2012 01:29 PMPosted by Elementslol
Still looking for that Enhance Shaman and Resto offspec?

We have a 2nd group that runs on thrus that may use a enh shaman
Bump for 5/8 H DS
Also looking for people for a group 2 that will run on Thrus. 8/8 Exp so that can start heroics off right away. Raid time is 8pm server.
^^ Ya! 5/8!
Looking for ppl for group 2!
Happy 4th!
^^ sup! Happy 4th! 5/8 HMS go go go
Hello! I'm applying now online for your Group 2. Thanks
Sounds good!

2nd group needs:

DK (tank)
1 Rdps
need a dk dps? i play frost and unholy and can tank if needed but prefer to dps 8/8 n ds group never went to heroics and now im on this server lol. some ulduar progression back in the day aswell as toc heroics before i went casual but back to serious raiding now.

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