★H★Midnight Paradox★Open Recruitment★3/6MVN

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Like to buy a demo lock for tues!
Bump that thread for Lock!
Looking for people for MoP. Would like someone to lvl a monk!
Looking for people for MoP. Would like someone to lvl a monk!!!!!!!!!
Bump for Lock!!!!!
Need a lock for our core group. We are 6/8 H DS will be 7 This next week. Please contact Merks or Akie for more info.
Looking for a demo lock for core!
and ppl into mop
Where are the locks? Do ppl still play locks? We like to have one pls!
Looking for exceptional players to join our guild!!! please apply at http://midnightparadox.shivtr.com
6 weeks! Come to MP for MOP!
Still haven't killed DW on your mains? LULZ
With people going on holiday, taking a break till MoP we find we need 2 rdps to finish off H DS.

Fire Mage
Ele Shaman
I'd like to talk to you more about your guild. I have a group of players looking for a home on Blackrock, more information about us can be found at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6352005417

I'll try again tonight to find you in-game to discuss.
+1 Bump.
Group 2 Needs:

Moonkin or Ele Shaman
We are always looking for exceptional applicants of every class!
Looking for good ppl for mop!
Looking for a rogue!!

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