Mage with alts Looking for raiding group

Arcane mage, with frost pvp spec looking for guild/raid group, i have a pally alt too can be a tank or ret, working on both sets. I want to run raids again and am sick of raid finder.
i would like to run as much as possible, i enjoy raiding. so send PST in game or on here.
sadly most of my guild dont play anymore and would change to another LvL 25 Guild if possible
Hi there!

My name is Justy from the Alliance guild, Overtime. We have 8/8 Normal, 4/8 Heroic Dragon Soul.
We are a raiding guild and looking for recruits. We have a forum post that we've been bumping on a regular basis (it's probably not that far down on the Thrall Forum).

We have two raiding groups:
Weekday: Tues, Wed, Thurs: 11PM-2AM EST
Weekend: Fri, Sat: 11PM-2AM EST

If you don't have a preference on when to run, I know the weekday group has been in search for a Time Warp / Heroism user for some time and would love your help. You'd get gear quickly because many of those raiding clothies are already geared.
We also have an alt group that likes to run every Sunday from 9PM-Midnight (earlier for folks who need to log earlier for work the next morning).

Anyways. Drop by our guild site and look around if you want and hopefully you'll apply! You can also contact me or an officer in game if you have any questions.
W are a Level 25 guild.
Guild site:
We also have a Facebook group should you decide to join - people post something there fairly often. I know a few members like to sit on Facebook a lot!
Temparia is our GM and Illumi, Crissa, Kestus and Arrachnid are the other officers.

Hope to hear from you soon! =)
-Justy / Nightmarex / Gokuryuuha

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