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I just started gaming on my laptop so therefore have no real gaming mouse and have been using *shivers* a laptop trackpad. I'm looking to buy a good mouse for playing WoW and perhaps Diablo III.

My budgets $100(Australian). What's the best mouse? Which ones do you guys like?

It needs to be Mac compatible also.
Most will probably say a Razer Naga... But I love my Logitech G500.

10 buttons that are fully customized and 3 settings for DPI that you set within the Logitech software. I got it for $35 during's Black Friday sale last year, but I think it's normal about $60. I know you don't have newegg (I think) in Aust. but check it out, look at reviews. You won't be disappointed.

I think most mice are compatible with Macintosh Apples now a days, but if you have problems my buddy who plays LoL says this (link below) will help if your Mac isn't updated or not responding too well to gaming mice.
I'm loving my naga, but I think I heard somewhere that it isn't mac friendly.
I would say the Razer Naga and I am reading on the page and says to be compatible with Mac I myself am about to invest in one and I've heard several reviews on it's great quality
Check it out here!
The naga knockoff the G600 looks good. I like the quality of the G500 from logitech so this new Mouse should be even better. I think I will get one for MoP..

I feel like I could throw my strafe buttons on there along with the backwards key and some insta cast abilities. This way I could move and circle strafe and tank with the mouse very well. (Yes backing up is stupid - but not for tanks).

I dunno if my thumb would ache though. With WoW I like all my abilities on non-modifier easy to reach keys. For Diablo for example I just changed all 1-4 to asdf as those are my home keys and easiest to hit..
that g600 looks interesting i might wait to see how the ergonomics of it are, i couldnt stand the way the naga was built. after going through 2 because of the same double click problem it was time to retire it.
I would STRONGLY advise not using a Naga with Mac OS LION. Do a google search and see the multitude of unhappy gamers. Since updating to LION, my Naga is no longer usable. It skips half-way across the screen, jitters, stops and starts, and fails to move.
I am running the latest firmware, drivers, and Synapse software, and my Mac OS is up to date. I'm running my polling rate at 125 MHz, as recommended.
This is a known issue on the Mac, so beware.
My girl has the epic naga and she loves it. I think its pretty sweet too but I recently bought the G600 and I find it better. The way the buttons are layed out makes it easier for the thumb to press. I replaced my G500 with it.
I forgot to mention that the shift key on the mouse is awesome.
Razer Naga is what i went with, it has served me well for about a year now and it still feels like it is brand new even though i game a lot.
The Razer Naga Molten.
Notice this thread is almost 3 years old.

Please don't necro bump old threads. Pretty sure the OP has found a mouse by now, don't you think?

Be mindful of dates.
mmm,but I haven't .I should have read this post before I bought the 2014 Naga because it is not configurable with Mac.
SteelSeries Sensei RAW Optical.


Can use it for anything.
I use a Corsair Vengeance M95. Buttons are layed out better around your thumb.

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