(H) Identity Crisis 5/8 HM DS is LF Raiders

We are currently 5/8 HM DS making progression on Heroic Ship.

We are a level 25 guild looking to form a second raid group as well as find a Raid leader for that group. We are recruiting for all roles. The Raid will be Sundays at 3 pm. We are willing to teach the new members all the Heroic fights as they will also double as fill ins for the main group, and will have the potential to join the main group.

We are mainly a raiding guild, but if there are players looking for a home we would gladly accept you to help build our ranks.

The guild offers Guild Banks access, Guild Bank Repairs and the normal perks of a level 25 guild. We have players with every maxed profession so you will never have to pay for a gem cut, enchant, etc.

If you are interested send an in game mail to Pandachicken, respond to this post and/or apply to our website at http://identitycrisisthrall.shivtr.com/

- Pandachicken
ilvl 379 Fire/Arcane mage looking for a solid raiding guild after taking a break from the game since just before Dragon Soul came out.

I realize my ilvl is low but I am working on getting the best gear I can possibly get before setting foot into DS.

I am a solid raider, know all fights, am very reliable and flexible with raid times. I will be fully enchanted/gemmed/optimized as soon as I find a group to run with.
Shoot me an in game mail or respond here with the days/times you can raid.
I submitted an application on your guild site.

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