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Just started a toon on a pvp server, and I have never played a pvp toon before and my question is where can I get some BoA gear at lvl 14 hunter?
You'll have to spend a lot of time farming honor and/or the darkmoon faire. Either that or get a character to 85 and farm JP, convert to Honor and buy it that way. You actually buy them from the vendor near the Goblin Slums in Org. When you go up the ramps to the Slums the building is straight north.
Run battlegrounds. Lots and lots of battlegrounds. You can then purchase PvP heirlooms from the various Honor Legacy Vendors, or purchase PvE heirlooms from the various Justice Heirloom Vendors by converting Honor to Justice (375 Honor to 250 Justice).

Further, you can farm enough Darkmoon Faire tickets to purchase 1 heirloom every month from the Darkmoon Faire vendors.

Note--in the lower levels, this process takes rather a long time.
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Just started a toon on a pvp server, and I have never played a pvp toon before

Just so you know, PvP servers have exactly the same access to all content as PvE servers. Both have dungeons, raids, arenas, and battlegrounds.

The difference between the two has nothing to do with the content. It's solely about under what conditions you will be attackable by members of the opposing faction while out questing, farming, or traveling.

On PvE servers: unless you just left a battleground, wandered into an enemy city or quest hub, or attacked someone else first, you won't be attackable by the opposing faction's players.

On PvP servers: you are pretty much attackable anywhere at any time unless you are in your faction's home territory (the 1-20 areas for your faction).

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