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Hey guys Ive just started a fresh account after a long break and have linked myself to my friends account for recruit a friend. Unfortunately he is too busy to play at the moment and im missing out on being able to use the benefits.
So i was wandering if anyone out thats looking to start again might want an experienced wow player as a RaF partener.
I am in the +10 time zone (sydney australia).
I level very fast and if your willing to put in the time we can have our first 85 in as little as 3 days. Email me if your interested at
Please if you dont have time to be online and use the linked account time dont email me.
still looking if anyone is about to start playing again?
are looking to recuit or be recuited?
to recruit a new player.
i wanna recruit someone
problem is everyone is so burnt out no one wants to play anymore :(
Im looking to Recruit some one for Recruit a friend, I have alot of playing time so Email me @
Looking to be raffed on Frostmourne Horde my time is AEST ( +10hrs ). buying a new account on saturday if i can get someone to raff me, i work full time every weekday. but free weekends. looking for a friend just sick of slow leveling lol :)
email me or add me on steam if you wanna raff me :) and Lifting1602 on steam

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