New to this game! Got some questions

Hello fellow community,

I'm new to this whole game! Im trying to figure on what realm to play! Im hesitatin between bleeding hollow and this!
Im eastern time Ive chosed this one cuz Ive heard that raids etc. are later in the night for me.
So when are the raids?
Hows the balance?
How the economy in game^^?
And hows the community?!
Thank you!
There are some guilds that run morning raids, some mid afternoon, but most raid in the evening. Pugs are doable and spammed in trade almost every night.
The horde/ally ratio is about even, but I think it depends on the playtime in regards to who is better.
The economy is stable and healthy.
Community? What community? There are a few trolls, if you want community, you may find that within a guild.
Raids are anytime of day, I notice a lot of pugs go down at 5-8 server
Server stats say we are pretty equal. I haven't hopped the fence yet to confirm, but its not like other servers I've been on where its a constantly loosing battle.

Economically its not bad. You can get a hold of anything pretty easy, and its not too bad for new players to get into because there is a constant demand for low level goods.

We have our trolls, you will quickly learn who to ignore. Its not like black rock where you get a constant stream of "GTFO BLACKROCKS FULL!" anytime a question is asked. Your best bet for community is finding the guild that's right for you. Don't just settle for the first one to mass recruit you.

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