WoW messed up my life

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It started one year ago a friend gave me WOW, and BC, as i played my wife and I got into more fights and had less... quality time together. as the months went by the only thing that I could think is how can I play more, or what if I did this instead of that next time, and I would even after having quality time with the wife would run to the game. I'd use it as stress relief and as an eye opener in the morning. At the bottom of my addiction i wanted to shoot myself because I couldn't play WoW, thank God I didn't. I am now in WA and would like to help an others that want to explore LIFE.( FOR THE BLIZZARD TEAM)I have some ideas that would help the suicide rate drop and would like to talk with someone from the company, not a low Lv. worker someone that can make a change in the company, please you have my number,E-mail, and I'm sure you can find where I live too so please contact me.
RL stuff > WoW

fact is, your wife is more important than wow, & if you're playing all the time, it looks to her that the game means more to you than she does... that will not end well.

Took me a few years to learn that lesson, but I'm better for it now.

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