WTS rarest TCG mount - Big Battle Bear

Shattered Hand
Hey All,

Looking to sell one of the rarest trading card game mounts - Big Battle Bear. Got it today off the trading card and don't have a big desire to keep it, so if I get enough gold for it I'm looking to sell it off! Recent sales look like they have been around 200k gold. Send me an in game mail or whisper if interested. Here is WoWhead link to it : http://www.wowhead.com/item=49282#teaches-ability
Rare? Maybe

Cool? No

Bump for current high bid 60k
All yours if you can pay me on Alliance side, or if you wanna use the neutral AH. Let me know.
Got an offer for 68k tonight, gonna sell it to him tomorrow night most likely unless I get another offer. Post here or send me an ingame mail.
Don't be a pansy and up-bid by a measly 3k; grow some cojones.
still selling?

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