Hello, i am Thilan. I did a Zul'Gurub earlier and i got kicked after the first boss. The reason why, it was my first Zul'Gurub run. I died at that boss when i got back from running in death, they kicked me. I then did Deadmines and hen we got to the top of the boat, they kicked me. I hope that i am not the only one. How will i get gear if i am getting kicked every time. PLZ reply to this, i would need some tips on how to deal with them. TY and have a nice day.
I'm gonna hope this isn't a troll.

I'm assuming your dps is lower than they like, to semi fix this..
1. Replace your leather belt with mail asap
2. Put gems in your sockets, even cheapo gems will show your making an effort.
3. reforge stuff, i'm not sure about hunter hit cap, but don't think you are there

Try that and your dps should increase some, and more people should be willing to tolerate this.
Couple Questions. Did you tell them it was your first run of ZG?
Did you check out the dungeon journal so you had a half a clue as to what the fights would be?

Did you put effort into your gear? From your armory it looks like you haven't, your 378 gear at the least should be gemmed/enchanted, and throw a cheap carnelian in the other gem slots you have open.

Don't be afraid to apoligize if you do mess up in a group. That goes a long way from silence after you make an error, which can give the impression you don't care.

And no Namrick, he's not hit capped, but what he has works fine in heroics, just to low for a raid. Really have to replace your belt strength rings, Int chest, strength gun, and your strength trinket, strength is near useless for a hunter, agility is your go to main stat. If your dps was low and I inspected you and saw those I'd probably kick you too, after I asked why you had it. If you replied cause you couldn't get anything better when there's better alternatives through quests and the AH I'd still kick you.

Fix your gear up some, check out the fights more, and be polite to the group (idk if you have been, just going by how most people are in LFG) and I bet you'll get kicked a lot less. You'll still find the occasional "ZOMG YOUR DPS ISN'T 50k GTFO" but your runs should be much smoother.

If you are a troll, congrats I bit, but here's hoping someone actually in this situation reads this and takes the advice.
Unfortunately a huge portion of the wow population are a mouth breathing bunch of bottom feeding trash and have no patience for people who are miss informed about their class. I seen it all all and grouped with them all in 7 years of playing. I will give you some advice but please read this guide its pretty helpful.

Read the official hunter forums on this site to. A lot of guides are stickyed.

Also you are rocking strength gear. A hunters primary stat is agility. You want all agility gear.Hopefully a hunter reads this and can tell you more about your class. Cause my main is a lock and only have an 81 hunter alt.

Good luck in the future with gearing properly.

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