<Neckbeard Excursion> 8/8H LF DPS for MoP

Earthen Ring
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<Neckbeard Excursion> will be looking for neck beards for MoP that would like to play in a hardcore atmosphere. We are planning a raid schedule that will have a 16 hour per raid week of raiding at the peak of progression. We will be running a hardcore raid system with not a lot of forgiveness for repeated fail and poor play. Our goal is to compete for at least top 200 world 10m progression and hopefully higher than that. The majority of our core have 13k achievement scores or higher to prove our dedication and seriousness of raiding and playing this game to compete and top levels. We see our achievement points as our neck beards the more points we have the longer our neck beard grows.

Definition of neck beard: to hide in your room, lights off, blinds drawn, shying from society in order to play a video game. This is the stereotype for Dwarf Fortress players but the variety is getting bigger, with games including Minecraft, Warcraft, and Team Fortress 2.

For 16 hours a week we plan to abide by the neck beard definition for the sake of progression.

The Raid Schedule is still tentative until we find our 10 people that can commit to our core and begin to grow their neck beards out. This is a possible example of what it will be.

Tuesday 8-12 EST
Wednesday 8-12 EST
Thursday 8-12 EST
Sunday 8-12 EST

Currently we have about 6-8 players committed to the hardcore raid schedule 2 Tanks(Prot Paladin/Monk), 3 Healers (Paladin, Shaman, Priest) and 1 DPS (Mage) who is in for sure and 2 dps (DK/Hunter) that are both tentative waiting for school schedules to come out to decide if the will be able to go hard. Currently all of our players are in their mid to late 20s and we are trying to stick to the bro code of wow for the sake of progression. That being said we obviously have a true need of dpsers. We are looking for the dps classes below

Rogue - Mega High
Moonkin/Feral - Mega High (Prefer Moonkin)
Warlock - High
Hunter - Tentative
DPS Death Knight - Tentative
Shadow Priest - High
Arms/Fury Warrior - High

We would prefer to run 3 ranged 2 melee as our DPS setup but we are willing to run any setup depending on the exceptional players we find. Our healers and tanks that have committed all have capable dps specs and we hope to find dpsers who can take on other rolls for whatever may happen to keep our progression level high.

WoW Bro Code:
Thou shall not e-date.
Thou shall not put an e-girl before raiding.
Thou shall not try to put a e-girl into a raiding position for the sake of e-love.

Our raiding Cata experience wasn't the best or the worst. We pretty much peaked in tier 11 and had a lot of raider turn over and casualness force itself on us. We killed Heroic Al'akir May 5th, 2011 (Top 70 10M US Kill) which made us 9/13 Heroic put us in top 100 US 10 man at that point but following the kill almost half of our raid team had to take the summer off for various reasons and our rank fell through Fire Lands dramatically. Dragon Soul didn't fare much better losing 3-4 dps (and e-lationship issue) and having a busy Christmas schedule for some raiders really put a damper on our ability to compete for high ranking kills.

These fails of holiday times and other problems have shown us how to handle them and we plan not to have any issues cripple our progression again.

We use achievement score, past kill dates, and overall personality to determine how hard someone is willing and or capable of going so please be serious if you'd like to become a neck beard with us.

If you are interested or have any question our leaders would love to speak with you through game or vent. Send us a real ID request and just put a note in the request it's for recruitment and we'd love to talk to you on vent and through game. Thanks for reading this and hope to meet some new neck beards soon!

Contact - brandonhughz@hotmail.com (Real ID)

Good luck bros.
Problem with that is, this is our realm
As I want to apply because of the name...

Since we are pretty much done farming content most of will be pugging around trying to make new friends here so if you need some experienced players for heroic ds or any content hit us up we'll be itching to do some raids while we wait for MoP to come out. D3 can only occupy you so long.
This guild pleases me.
We are looking for a pro rogue, moonkin, warlock, spriest, hunter
I apologize, the original post showed up on your character from what I assume is your old realm. Mah bad!
It's all good !
This guild name pleases me almost as much as Splinky becoming president of earthen ring.
The name of this guild is awesome.

Sad you don't want a ret paladin, qq :(
We need more to start growing their neckbeard for MoP
I know there are some clean shaven neckbeards that want to regrow their beards for mop!
I find it hilarious that both Beardicus and Beardamus both lack any facial hair whatsoever.
In game or real life?
We currently have Prot Pali/Monk for Tanks, Pali/Shaman/Priest for Healers, and Spriest/DK for DPS. We'd really like to pick up a Hunter/Mage, Moonkin and Rogue!
this thread makes me smile
i see alot more mad ppl on ER in the future lol
why would they be mad?
WoW Bro Code:
Thou shall not e-date.
Thou shall not put an e-girl before raiding.
Thou shall not try to put a e-girl into a raiding position for the sake of e-love.

Thank you so much for this.

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