<Neckbeard Excursion> 8/8H LF DPS for MoP

Earthen Ring
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Still looking for the right dps come MOP. Looking for hardcore players we can to go at least 4 nights a week possibly more.
comon neckbeards!
I'll shoot a whisper to someone in game, my interest has grown recently.
You guys better still be recruiting so you can race us for stuff in Mists of Pandalands :D
we've got the majority of our players now might need one last and dont hurry about the race we went mega hard at start of cata during hardest content of expo and we going dbl hard this one
What happened to your name?!
sadly all the beard names were confusing the !@#$ outta us so we had to rename our mains to make sure we dont %^-* things up while raiding :P
I disappoint
08/07/2012 03:10 PMPosted by Imina
I disappoint
btw we handing out savior titles depending on class needs, will need a healer and a solid dps tuesday for 8/8 clear
bump ALL of the competition's threads!
We may still have spots for dps looking for exceptional players now
You know the expansion is close when there is fighting and measuring #%@!s in guild chat. Just means all my raiders and potential raiders are hungry. (I'll rp this up a little) Hungry for CONQUEST!
We have had a breach of the Neckbeard Bro Code. Subject will be trolled for a while.
Oh? Do tell.
Insomaniac would rather E-date with Symplylovely than raid. BRO CODE COMPROMISED!
LEGASP how dare they!
This is why we don't allow girls in our raid team! They have to be a special breed if they ever plan to make it. Their first priority is finding a man when it should be raiding!

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