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Hey Kalg just wanted to thank you for your guide. Finished up the PC today and the performance is great :D
Malibal has been very annoying and are about to lose me as a customer. I'm getting kinda tired of these resellers. I found a laptop on Newegg that is pretty much the same specs as the Clevo P150EM model I've been looking at. The only differences are the wireless network card and no option for thermal pasting. In fact, this stock laptop has more ram still at DDR3 1600, two HDDs, and a steelseries backlit keyboard. Is there something wrong here that I'm missing, because I thought there weren't any high end stock laptops out of re sellers?
There's nothing wrong with the MSI laptop you have chosen. MSI and ASUS both sell high-end stock laptops to big name sellers, instead of just resellers too.

Lettuce: Glad you like the new system. ;)
So the lack of the upgraded wireless or thermal past won't mean that I will get bad ping and overheat? I've got it stuck in my head that those two things are very important.
Well, the MSI comes with Killer network card, which also functions as 'upgraded wireless' card. Thermal paste, now I can't say anything about that.

It won't overheat unless you try to overclock the GPU.
If I were to ever have OH problems for whatever reasons, is it possible to buy and apply the paste myself? I know for desktops you can, but I'd imagine laptops would be tricky.
Yes, you could. Just takes a bit more work (having to disassemble the bottom chassis, removing the heatsink
Kalganized, Thank you again for all the information you provided. I have been running my build for about a 1.5 weeks and love it. Can't believe what I was missing going from Low to Ultra setting. I'm sure it will be great when I get into a raid.

A big THANKS. Like I said before I wouldn't have tried this without your guide.
Glad you love it Kazzyrian. ;)

In a meanwhile, Ivy Bridge i3 mobile CPUs are due toon, but desktop version is nowhere to be seen. :( Will update when they come out.
Does it make sense that my new laptop has 100ms worse ping and about a 30th of the download rate of my old laptop on wireless?
No. Something is up.

Is this just a recent thing, or it always has been?
Well I just got done setting everything up and downloaded the WoW client as the last thing. It downloaded/still is, at like 600kb/s. That scared me a bit so I did a ping test and it shows me at 150ms.
I wouldn't worry too much about it; WoW client download is based on bittorrent, and usually you won't get your full internet speed out of it

Consider doing the usual 'optimization' like disabling Nagle's algorithm and so forth.
Well I know you never get your full potential, but I know my old 2008 junk laptop with stock everything did much better at DLing everything. That's the only thing that bugs me.

On second look, could it be that I'm re downloading my entire iTunes library?
Yes, that's very likely.
Could be anything. Try uninstalling all Realtek drivers, then reinstalling latest version from Realtek site
Hey, anyone know when I should plan to buy from Newegg? I am assuming I can find some decent prices for parts thanks to the 4th of July, but not sure when I should expect to see the best prices.


Looking at either a ASRock Z77 Pro3 for $75 or the ASRock B75 Pro3 for $79. Last I looked, I thought the guide mentioned the Extreme series, wanted to make sure their wasn't something wrong with the Pro series. Was considering the Biostar B75 board, though it looks like ASRock supports Intel's Turboboost 2.0.
All Intel motherboards support Intel's turboboost feature, so I wouldn't worry about it at all.

It doesn't have to be any specific motherboard; find one that has the features and the price that you like.


Try using the microphone jack at the back of the PC.

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