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If some users have static issue while some aren't on the same vent server, it's more likely there is something wrong with their end rather than you
Well, only thing I can tell you is that the hardware is not at fault, if on the same vent server, and some are heard clearly while others are not. Try messing around with Vent settings.
I absolutely love my new laptop. One thing though, what temps are considered safe while gaming? I installed a temp gauge after I noticed it getting hot before my comp just shutting down in the middle of a BG.
CPU should not be breaking 70C
GPU should not be breaking 100C
If it's a hardware issue, -everyone- you hear should have messed up voice, not just specific people.
Kalg, thank you very much for the guide. Right now I'm locked at 75fps with Intel HD4k on low settings which is fine for me. Only problem I'm getting is that I'll have some sort of error causing the game to shut down with it saying that there is not enough memory. Any idea as to what gives?
Does this happen with any other games, or just WoW?
Just WoW. I think it may be that the game is trying to use more RAM then I have. It's only ever happened in instances and BGs. If it happens again I'll try and get a screen shot. All I can really remember is that it only crashes it to the point of a restart because of a shortage of memory for the request.
Try the following:

1) Disable all addons
2) Delete Cache folder inside WoW folder (not one inside Data folder)
3) Move the WTF folder out of WoW folder for now

Restart WoW, then try some BGs and see if same issue pops up again
Ok. I'll give it a shot when I get to play it again.
Hey just wanted to say AMAZING post! Secondly I wanted to ask I am planning on building the desktop build #2 With os and everything its about 840 bucks on newegg, is it a good computer for the money? It will be my first build ever and am just looking for some advice, thanks a bunch!
What hardware choices do you actually have so far? $840 seems bit more expensive than I expected even with OS cost thrown in.
I have all of the components for that build straight from that list and everything.
CPU: i3-2120
Motherboard:Biostar b75mu3+
Ram: The G-Skill ripjaws 2x4g
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6870
Power Supply: MK III 500W
no SDD
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500g hard drive
cheap 17 dollar optic drive
and the HAF 912
I also got a $30 PCI Express network adapter and $130 windows 7 professional. Did I get the wrong os? Or what? Seems a tad pricier haha.
Also is it the XFX Radeon HD 6870 or the Sapphire Radeon 6870?
You don't need the network adapter (unless if it's wireless, then consider USB stick), and get Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OEM ($100).

Either brand works; get one that is cheaper
SO what should I get to connect to wireless? Just one of those usb sticks and not a pci card? Because I cant plug into the wall from where Im at. So I'll get the Sapphire card and the new windows. And with all of those discount were down to about $762 SO that is much better!
USB stick is lot easier to manage, so I'd get that. It's cheaper too ($20 for well-reviewed one on NewEgg).

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