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Depends on what you do most in WoW -- raiding? Just questing? PvP?
Sorry, forgot to include that information. I mostly quest and run 5-mans. May be once a month or every other month I do the LFR--I definitely notice a visual difference here. I rarely PVP.
G630 will be enough for your purposes then.
Thank you for the info. And, if I wanted to start doing LFR a couple a times a week, I am assuming that I would be better off with the i-2120?
If you start out with G630, I'd consider upgrading to i5 next, as going to i3 won't provide enough benefits over G630 for the price you have to pay for it
Perfect--that is exactly the information I needed to know. Thank you again.
hey kal i just had a question about some mobos
what warrants the few extra bucks between these models

ASRock Z77 Extreme4 and ASRock Z77 Extreme6


ASUS P8Z77-V LK and ASUS P8Z77-V
ASUS is like buying a Mercedes; ASUS is a premium motherboard brand. So you pay more over the competitors, not necessarily for any particular benefits.

That said, prime differentiators between these ASrock models are:

Available PCI-E / mini-PCI-E slots (Extreme6 has more)
Additional ports (Extreme6 has onboard DisplayPort support for onboard video, as well as few other lesser-used ports like IEEE 1394)

Otherwise, they are identical.

As for the ASUS boards:

LK board does not support DDR3-2600
LK board uses Realtek ethernet port while standard uses higher-quality Intel one
Standard V comes with built-in wireless support, LK does not

Otherwise, identical.
so with that being said, i have no idea what the things are that you named out so that automatically means i have no need for them.

just for a gaming rig that i might want to run SLI on the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 and the ASUS P8Z77-V LK are just fine.

im guessing neither one has an upper hand on the other, just asus being a bigger name and thus making it tad bit more expensive
Yeah, pretty much.
thanx kal
For CPU power plug, you should plug in both, not just one.

As for the youtube question, any, as long as you don't aim for full-screen with 1080p (your monitor is not 1080p is it)
It's not required, but CPU power plugs (there are 8 pins, 4 of which are covered usually) should be both plugged in if available.

Check your monitor resolution.
Both plugged in will give CPU enough juice if it ever uses more than what these 4 pin provides.

Most youtube videos max out at 720p (1280x720), so you should be OK, but 1080p (1920x1080) may look a little strange if you do full screen with it on your resolution.
Kalganized, I finally got my beast up and running, but I have one more question. Regarding games and their installers, is it possible to download a game's installer (such as WoW or D3) on to my hard drive and then install the actual game itself onto my SSD? If so, how would I do that?
Yes, because when you actually install the game, you can change where the game will actually install to.
07/12/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Kalganized
Yes, because when you actually install the game, you can change where the game will actually install to.

So when I download the client off the site for either game, I can specify it to my hard drive, then choose my SSD when it's time to install the actual game? Awesome, thanks!

Also, I'm assuming I can do the same with Steam correct? Have Steam on my hard drive and install the games I buy onto my SSD?

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