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Good to see your long saga has come to an end.
Now enjoying your PC the way it was meant to be. ;)
Yep. Planning on nabbing The Witcher 2 later tonight while it's still on sale. Playing through the first right now... Those controls take some getting used to
Ok, after looking at the builds i may actually build my own desktop instead. >.>

I was looking at build #2 and i was wondering.

What stuff is 100% required and what is unnecessary? Do i need pretty much need all of the listed items?

And possibly most importantly.... Is it hard to build a desktop?
Depends on what you have and what can be recycled. Based on that, the total price may drastically change.

Well, to me, building a desktop is super easy and could do with my eyes closed, but then, I'm used to it. It's like asking a professional car mechanic "is it hard to do mechanical work on a car?", they'd tell you it's super easy, but if you've never done it, it still sounds very scary.

Well, at least building a desktop is infinitely easier than doing mechanical work on a car. ;)

There are lots of DIY videos on YouTube that tells you how to put one together, and manuals of today often come with illustrations to help.
Kalg with a Radeon 6950 should there really be all that much lag in The Witcher 2? I'm not having horrendous lag issues, but it's not completely smooth at all. Current resolution I'm at is 1600x1200 I believe.

EDIT: High settings seems to work perfectly fine. I can't really tell that much of a different between Ultra and High, but since The Witcher 2 doesn't seem to have a way to change individual settings I can't really mix them up =\
If you max it out, a 6950 will struggle a little, especially if you turn on super eye candy like SSAO
Do you know if there is a way to turn on individual settings? The only way I'm finding to change settings is in the start-up menu, and then it's just a general thing.
I'm not sure, wouldn't that be within the game itself?
Just has an option for gamma and brightness, so I guess not.

It has a Skyrim sort of thing where you select video options before starting the game. I guess I'll just have to deal with High >.>
You can probably modify a configuration file somewhere, try googling more. :o
Probably. Playing Crysis at the moment now, I don't want to get too involved in The Witcher 2 before I beat the first >.> .

Just did that Ceph mission in Crysis where you go inside the mountain... wow. Besides the suspense that looked incredible.
Hey! How well can this run wow?

CPU: pentium 4 cpu 3.40ghz

GPU: Radeon X300 128MB

4G of Ram
Very poorly.
Thank you for the great information, Kalganized. I am way overdue for a system upgrade and your guide is exceptional. I haven't built a machine in a long time so this was a great help to get current on the tech.

I tend to be cheap so I am shooting for a best-bang-for-the-buck type build that will not be a lost cause in the next year or two. I think I have settled on my new build which is something of a hybrid of your Build 1 and Build 2.

I have one loose end before pulling out the credit cards. In your graphics card discussion you state:

Radeon HD 7750 remains the baseline recommended card, and will also work in any computers with more than 200W of power supply.

However, in your Build 2 you have this card with a 500W power supply. I had my eye on a couple bronze 80 rated power supplies in the 300-380W range. Am I missing something?

Build: Pentium G630, B75M motherboard, 2x2 GB DDR3 1600 RAM, Radeon HD 7750, 120 GB SSD plus SATA-IDE converter to use old drive for data, Cheap DVD burner, HAF 912 case, and 300W (380W) PSU. Cost: ~ $450 based on current deals.

Glad the guide is of an help to you. ;)

That said, the reason why I gave the build 1 a 500W power supply is for the future expansion purposes. With it, if you ever find the need to go beyond HD 7750, you wouldn't have to replace the power supply.

However, if you are sure you'll be fine with HD 7750 and NEVER plan to get a better graphics card, you can go with a 300W 80 Plus Bronze certified power supply.

(Build 2 has Radeon HD 6870 / GTX 560)


No one sells original DDR-based RAM or graphics cards anymore new. There's a good bit of performance difference between those.

Note that GDDR technology is a bit different from system RAM DDR. GDDR5 is really DDR3 RAM (that you see for the systems) that has been tweaked for performance.
Thank you very much, Kalg! That is just the answer I was looking for. "Am I missing something?"... is what I might do in the future.

07/23/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Kalganized
(Build 2 has Radeon HD 6870 / GTX 560)

My bad. I did grab the wrong Build spec in my note. Oops!

I will take a closer look at the wish list of components I might have put in the build if I was not so cheap. I will probably move up to the 380V option to keep me covered for anything attractive enough to pry open my wallet again in the next couple years.
I would stick to 300W Seasonic unit, as 380W isn't all that much of an improvement. It's either 300W or 500W.
Heheh... Thanks, Kalg! :)

Cha-ching! You just saved me a few more coppers!

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