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There should not be. inside the PC case is probably not very optimal environment for the wasps
Just wanted to say thanks Kalg, I built my first PC last weekend using this guide and things could not have gone any more smoothly.

As far as upkeep, is there anything you recommend doing on a weekly/daily basis other than antivirus scans? Also, do you recommend any specific programs for monitoring cpu/gpu temps?

Thanks again!
SpeedFan for continued monitoring, but for GPU fan control, consider MSI Afterburner.

If you are using mechanical hard drive, I'd consider defragging once every month or two.
I've got a Dimension 4700 with DDR2 ram, is the Celeron G530 compatible?
No. You must get a new motherboard and RAM if you want to use the latest Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge CPUs. Unlike AMD, there's zero compatibility with every new 'tick' release with Intel CPUs.
So I found the menu. I guess you have to go to options and hit "Advanced". It also turns out that the ultra preset isn't as high as the game can go >.>

I turned off ubersampling and that just about fixed my issue. I could run pretty much everything else at highest settings with playable fps.

I also figured out that I've been playing the first Witcher at Medium settings...
*sigh* I dont really have the money for a new motherboard

What processor can you recommend with my Dimension 4700? From what I got on google the model is Dell M3918.
Does this happen with any other game?
It's probably just to do with the fact Rome: Total War is an old game and it's having occasional problems on latest hardware/platform. I would not worry about it too much.
Kalganized, I went with build number 2 and instead of adding a ssd drive, I was gonna buy a 1tb harddrive that runs at 7200 rpms. What do you think? I'm very new to computer building.
If you have a spare hard drive that can be re-used, it would be better to go with an SSD + spare drive unless the spare drive is too little. 120/128GB SSDs are pretty damn cheap now (cost as much as typical 1TB drive), so it's probably better to go with an SSD + 500GB drive or something.
*sigh* I dont really have the money for a new motherboard

What processor can you recommend with my Dimension 4700? From what I got on google the model is Dell M3918.

This is just my personal opinion, so wait for confirmation, but you might consider just replacing your video card for the time being, until you can afford a full upgrade.

Your system uses DDR2, so the CPUs you can "upgrade to" aren't going to help all that much at all. Intel sucks: They love to keep CPU levels more or less the same on the motherboard family.

With Intel, you must replace the motherboard if you want to see definitive performance improvement.
Move to Vertex 4 (or other performance SSDs listed in the guide) for SSD. Maybe spend a more for 240/256GB version?

Fatal1ty power supply has 4 12v rails. o_O Consider something like Corsair Enthusiast instead. If you will not SLi, I would also consider 600W power supply at most.

Short of replacing the graphics card, there's nothing much you can do for the system.

Besides CPU and motherboard, other parts may be cheaper online.
Can't say, but generally, surge should weaken it, and if it's still too much, power supply should kill itself to save the computer.

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