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Every company has different policies; you should look it up.
Depends on a company, and how nice the RMA guy is being to you.

For example, the Corsair H100 cooler I bought had a faulty cooler unit; I had to supply them when and where I bought it (didn't have to send original invoice or email). Then they asked me to send the defective unit for the warranty replacement. Got a new one a week later.
Really nice guide you have here Kalganized.

I was hoping you could let me know if upgrading would be worth it and if the setup I have shown below, based on your build 3, is compatible and worthwhile.

Currently I have a 3 year old Dell XPS with the following:

CPU - Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz
Memory - 8GB (I don't know the speed)
Video Card - 2X GeForce 9800GT in SLi

This is what I would like to build, based on build #3. I have built a couple of PCs in the past so I am not inexperience, but I am no pro either:

Optical - $20 ASUS 24X DVD
Link -

Case - $60 COOLER MASTER HAF 912
Link -

SSD - $160 Plextor M3 Series PX-128M3
Link -

Power Supply - $100 Antec TruePower New TP-550 550W
Link -

Video Card - $280 EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 2GB
Link -

Memory - $50 CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600
Link -

Motherboard - $140 BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 LGA 1155 Intel Z77
Link -

CPU - $215 Intel Core i5-3570 Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz
Link -


$1,025 in total not counting shipping, taxes, or rebates.

Please let me know if it all looks okay, as in will it all work together, and if there is maybe something better than what I have listed for any individual component. Or maybe what I have is fine.

Thanks again for the awesome guide, it helped a lot.
For the SSD, Vertex 4 can be gotten for almost $50 less for the same space. -Should- be as reliable as other 'rock solid SSD's as they use same Marvell controller used in other trusted brands, just that Indilinx made the firmware. But that is up to you.

Slightly wary of the power supply having not 2, not 3, but whopping 4 12v rails (on a 550W unit no less), but it should be OK.

That 560 Ti is ridiculously expensive. For the same price, you could buy significantly superior Radeon HD 7850, or even some cheap 7870 on sale (they are $300). Get a different graphics card.

Are you considering to SLi / XFire? Since you picked out a non-OC CPU, you would save $ if you go with a B75 motherboard if you aren't going to SLi / XFire.

On the subject of non-OC CPU, you can save some $ by going with i5-3450 instead. Few hundred megahertz difference will be virtually unnoticeable in all but benchmarks.

I assume you are recycling your existing hard drive.
Wow, fast reply. I was simply rereading for edits and you had already looked at it. Thanks!

For the power supply, you say it would be okay, but you say you are weary. That makes me weary. Wold I be better off with the PC Cooler you listed int the guide?

The video cards are tough for me. There are so many acronyms and numbers I honestly can't tell one apart from the other. Could you point me to a good 7850? I've never even used an ATI before. I listed the other card because of high ratings and such.

For the mother board, again like the video cards the acronyms and numbers just confuse me. It is why I haven't built in so long and just buy a Dell box. The mother board makes me fear building the most, because I hear so many horror stories about them. I won't be overclocking or doing SLi/Crossfire, so I'm not sure what is best given that.

I probably will either not even get a mechanical HDD, as I don't use up much room more than the OS and a few games take up. I'm currently using 110 GB and I could easily put that back getting rid of old useless files.

Thank again for all of your advice.

EDIT: I found this card, not many ratings but with the free shipping and rebate is about the same as the 7850s.
That HD 7870 is a good choice, but this is better IMO:

Free shipping, $260 after rebates, and IceQ is a proven cooling system.

I'd consider something like Seasonic 520W, or PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 500W, for the power supply.

Then B75 motherboards. I have listed 3 B75 examples in my guide, any of those 3 will do.

Well, unless you are giving away old PC to someone or something, you can re-use the mechanical drive in it if it's SATA based.
Awesome, thank you.

I'll get that video card and change out that power supply. I'll also take a lookg at the motherboards again.

For the SSD, I assume you were talking about this:

Thanks again for your help. I like the case you suggested. I am just always worried things won't fit.
That's the SSD, yep.

Yeah, the case will fit anything in it.
Awesome, last question (I hope).

You said I didn't need the bigger mother board since I won't be overclocking or using crossfire.

I believe this is the one you have n the guide:

Will this be okay for me? Motherboard is my biggest fear.

Edit: I added a screenshot of my wishlist with all of the components to easilly see everything. your suggestions, even with the better video card, dropped $100 off what I had. Thanks!

Please let me know if everything looks okay. Thanks again, you rock!
It works. ASRock and Gigabyte offerings are "more popular" than Biostar's though.
Not going with Vertex 4? That's OK though.

Yeah, it looks good to me. Don't forget a copy of Windows 7, or any other accessories (like keyboard, monitor, etc) if you need one.
Not going with Vertex 4? That's OK though.

Yeah, it looks good to me. Don't forget a copy of Windows 7, or any other accessories (like keyboard, monitor, etc) if you need one.

I think I'll actually switch out for the Samsung 830, which is cheaper than what I had.

I just tossed a $100 copy of Windows 7 64-bit OEM. Not too bad. With the OS it will be $1,014. I already have a nice monitor.

Thanks again for all of your help. Now to muster up the courage to charge the credit card.
There is BillMeLater / Newegg Preferred Account if you'd like a zero interest for 6 month / 1 year (respectively).
I've been asking around before I make a Newegg purchase. Here is my link to Toms's. Could I get some feedback with my initial build and with the other recommendations.
Is this your current build?
well that was what I originally had and now I'm looking at this build also......

I can't decide between the 560 ti or the 7850 ..... the 7850 is highly recommended, supposed to use less power and run cooler .... but there might be driver issues? Plus right now it's not in stock at Newegg.

I'm also undecided about the memory sticks and op drive
HD 7850 is a lot more powerful than the 560 Ti once overclocks are factored in.

As for the ones in stock:

You have two cases in that second build.

What about RAM? :o
Recycling old hard drive / DVD drive?

I'd drop to 500W for 560 Ti / 7850.
I'm now thinking 570....

How does this all look?

I'm not planning on playing anything but Wow on this and I don't want to overclock, could i just use a i5-3450 instead of the i5-3570 and aftermarket heatsink?

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