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If it's multiplayer, better CPU may help. HD 6950 should be OC'd / shaders attempted to be unlocked.
Alright. I attempted to unlock the shaders when I got this card but it didn't work. I have the core at 890 MHz and VRAM at 1325 MHz (highest it can go, assuming I have to up voltage to make it go higher). I think I've asked you this before but what would be a decent OC for a Radeon 6950?
All of them should be able to hit at minimum, HD 6970 level with only 1.110v voltage, which is 880 MHz core, 1375 MHz VRAM. Any higher is totally RNG, and may require increase of voltage.

Most people seem to max out at about 910~940 MHz core, with 1425 MHz VRAM.

For your reference, HD 6970's default voltage is 1.175v.
How much of an increase would I expect to see with 910 MHz/1425 MHz VRAM? I could probably increase the VRAM more but the slider won't go out any further, and when I type in a number higher than 1325 it goes down to 1325. I'm also using MSI Afterburner if that helps any. I don't really want to up the voltage if the performance increase is fairly small.

EDIT: Is that 910-940 with increased voltage?
yes, with increased voltage. In my experience, I could do up to 910 without voltage increase
What would the gains be for overclocking over 900 MHz? A few fps?

Also, when would we likely see the next round of cards come out, mid 2013?

And it looks like an i5-3570k will be in my future.
Few FPS sounds about right.

The HD 8000 series are due Q4 2012 (yeah, not that far away).
Oh wow. Does there happen to be any word on whether or not it's starting with high-end or low end?
New card releases always start out with high-end.
Alright. I'll probably nab a i5-3570k in the next couple of weeks (probably in September since my Dad can't really gripe about it then) and wait and see how the 8000 series goes (here we go again!)
You did get a Z68 / Z77 board, right? :o

HD 8000 series, according to leaked slides from AMD, is supposed to be about 30% improved over HD 7000 series
Yep. if I remember correctly
Yep, you're set. Just remember that you need a third party cooler for overclocking that 3570k, and that motherboard BIOS is updated

Also a bit of an off-question, but when the time does come to replace the i3-2120, what do you think would be a good e-bay price. Something like $50?
It'd probably fetch somewhere around $80~100, depending on the condition + inclusion of original package and cooler.
Both of which I can put in, although the buyer would have to buy new thermal paste.
Yeah, I'd say $80 minimum, or price according to average price on EBay
I'm looking at some of the ones on E-bay currently and a lot of the used ones don't have the heatsink or original packaging, but the lowest I see is $70 and has several bids and just under two days left. Hopefully there's this kind of interest two months down the road >.>
whats your opinion on this.

CPU- i-2500k

Hard Drive- 1TB

Vid Card- Radeon 7850

Ram- 8 GB

Power Supply- Corsair CX600v2

Motherboard- Asrock Z68 Gen 3

Windows7 64 bit Sp1

CD/DVD Burner

and then a nice looking case
Some old components there.

Z68 is supplanted for Z77

CX series of power supply is somewhat bleh. Consider SeaSonic 520W, PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 500/600W, etc.

You need third party CPU cooler for that i5-2500k
That said, if you won't OC beyond 4.5 GHz, i5-3570k is better

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