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I can't for the life of me figure out the unending string of "help me decide which class I'll enjoy" posts. Once in a while something will trigger a response from me, but mostly it's some form of
"How in Hades can anyone else know what you'll enjoy? I mean, some people eat nail polish, others jump out of perfectly good airplanes, and others scrapbook - I'm clueless as to which you are!"

But something Monmonn posted in another thread started me to thinking...

(And now, the idea...)
What if there was a post/library/reference of some kind, where a person could reference a "library" of links to youtube or some other videos that were chosen to represent how the various classes might be played at end game? I know there seem to be a lot of videos out there although I haven't watched many - and when I did it was always with a focus on "get to know this instance" not "see how this class plays".

Because if something like this could work then you wouldn't have to describe how a Feral Druid plays, they could see it. Or how a Rogue might engage in stealth related Rogue-ness. Or how differently a Priest, Paladin, Shaman or Druid heal from one another. They could literally see for themselves, at least to some extent (perhaps?), and decide - that looks cool, I don't think I'd like that, etc. for themselves.

I wonder if a person could see a video or 3 of each class being played in a dungeon or raid if they might not be more confident in their own choice. At the very least, it might be a far more robust starting point for dialog and/or questions regarding the class choices.

I know it's a really rough idea at this point, with barely more than a glimmer of shape. I have no idea to what extent appropriate videos might exist, or if it's even a viable way to show off the various classes - but if it did work as I see it in my minds eye, it could be a great way for a player to get a better sense for how the classes play, allowing them to better decide how to pick a class.

Because obviously, it's important but to many people seemingly very hard to do.

Thoughts? Comments? (Note, I officially disavow all knowledge of posting this idea/post so if you steal it and run with it, I say "Yazza! Go baby, go!". If you don't like it, blame Monmonn. That's what I'm doing {grin} )

My main issue with this is that showing someone mashing buttons in sequence tells absolutely nothing about how a class plays or what it's like to actually play it. Oh boy, flickering buttons. Ten out of ten classes involve pushing buttons. The only difference in a gameplay recording is the animation of the character and their spacial positioning. There's no description, and if you do write up a description then you just wrote a forum post anyway.

Does watching my actionbar light up and being thrown into sensory overload with my interface tell you that feral druids work off combo points and that they're not as squishy as rogues because they have access to certain defensive bear tanking abilities? No.

Does watching Cerylia's arrows fly across the screen tell you about her beast pet management as a hunter compared to a warlock with a demon for every occasion? No.

Does watching Rynokism slashing things to pieces and hauling a boss across a large room tell you about rage compared to other resources or how a warrior tank is similar to a bear? No.

Any elaboration or explanation you'd put into a video is the same thing you'd put into a forum post. A forum post response to those threads is a suggestion about what the person might like, not a hard and fast guarantee that they'll enjoy the classes folks name. That's why the good recommendations are followed with a reason as to why they might appeal to the original poster. Some threads get recommendations for half the classes, but the OP can look at the reasons and maybe consider something they hadn't before. It can also give a newbie a place to start when looking at the classes. You don't seem to grasp that concept when you say:
05/30/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Sylth
How in Hades can anyone else know what you'll enjoy?

You don't know what someone will enjoy. You can suggest what you think they might have fun playing. Newbies (and veterans) who make those threads are looking for suggestions and recommendations on a class or two that might suit them. My questionnaire serves to cut through the back and forth interrogation that we used to do years ago.

Besides, if you want to look at a video of any class at end-game there are tons on Youtube set to crappy music.

Hell, the same could apply to D3. I'd never played Diablo until recently and had no clue where to start with a class, so a friend who was a veteran of the games and knew me in WoW recommended I try a demon hunter. Lo and behold, it seems to be a good fit...when the network isn't kicking people off XD
Sylth, it's not that we KNOW what they'll like. It's more that we use their answers to rule out (or in) certain classes based on their playstyle mechanics and what combat style and group role those classes have.

If someone (for example) says they like sneaky and melee, then either a feral druid or a rogue would work (if they give a few more extra details we may even be able to eliminate one OR even recommend a certain rogue spec).

If someone says they like to stay out of harms way while attacking with a helper pet and want to be able to get many pets, then we'll point them towards a hunter. If they add that they like lots of DoT effects (not instant damage attacks) then we'll recommend a warlock instead.

Depending on what they say, there may be several classes that could fit, or only one or two.
If blizzard had class videos, much like the ones they bring out for major expansion releases, on the sight outlining class specific spells, abilities and showing strengths of each class it might make choosing easier. Unless you have some major editing skills I think it will just end up like Ice said just watching some guy drone on and mash buttons.

In the end people that come here usually have a fair idea of what they want to try out and just need some clarification before they spend a lot of time on a class.
There are many great ways this could be done, but there are also many bad ways it can be done, which scares me. Having class videos somewhat like the diablo ones could be great at introducing classes but there are many individual concerns with doing it for world of warcraft. There are a lot of fine lines with something like this, it can't be overcomplicated but it can't be boring. It can't be vague but it cant be too specific. So it can be quite a challenge. It definitely can't just be video footage of class play generically. That is not helpful for new players as wow can be hard to follow sometimes from a spectator perspective. It would have to have quality editing and a lot of emphasis on the individual abilities of a class.

Hell I like that idea by itself. Just a compilation of skill usage of every skill in the game showing what a class can do. Again not from the usual wow perspective, from an in-depth zoomed in and practical application perspective that new players could follow. It would also be helpful to show which talents improve the skills as well. Oh god these videos might be quite long.

All that said I still think getting into the mind of a new player with their initial feelings based on a few questions is very helpful. Just like everyone has a different style of how they want to play, people also have different learning styles. So while someone may learn more from communicating with others, some will have an easier time learning about the game from watching videos. If I wasn't extremely lazy I might consider making a class video since i have pretty much every class/spec, but....alas.

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