Alliance PvP - Does it exist?

Levelled up two characters on this server since I started playing, now I want to get right into PvP but unfortunately the Horde of Aman'Thul seems to be quite horrible at pretty much everything, including any form of organised PvP. Is the Alliance side any better? Are there any good or at least decent & active PvP guilds (preferably friendly! I don't want to join a hardcore group of elitist jerks... reference intended)?

Pvp in here? No.
Well, assuming you guys aren't trolling too hard, I suppose I'll thankyou for your *ahem* direct comments. :P

Any suggestions for where to go? Frostmourne?
06/04/2012 01:05 AMPosted by Mokoena

Rated Battlegrounds around the clock, Elwynn is always packed full of PvPers, plenty of organised and non-planned world pvp (If that's your thing). I haven't been horde since 1st tier this expansion but it was the same then, not 100% right now though especially with the mass hiatus due to D3!
Eh FM okay for alliance, try KT or Tich if you want lots of action and plenty of potential teammates, although it is true that FM is very active in terms of RBGs, even toward the end of seasons.
Was very disappointed by the lack of PvP on this realm. Had low expectations considering it's a PvE realm, but even then I was let down. Can't even find a decent 3's team.
Its always a struggle trying to get some people to help join Tol Barad. I believe Techno Vikings are a big PvP guild, perhaps look at joining them if u want more pvp.
alliance is good, except the fact there's only a handful of decents
try KT or Tich if you want lots of action and plenty of potential teammates.

and loads of elitists!
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edit for:
Lastrix with the deathgrip! Lastrix goes for the strang, LANDS ON CAST AS EXPECTED. That's an 8 second lockout for the folks at home! AND DOWN GOES VENRUKI THE CROWD GOES WILD!
arena just isnt the same without lastrix giving you the in-game commentary and post game summary complete with highlights package
havent seen last for ages what is he doing with himself
hes in cambodia or something, goes round the world every 6 months

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