The Future of PvP in Mists of Pandaria

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"At my signal, unleash hell."

"We who are about to die, salute you!"

Yeah so I copied and pasted. Whippee. =0p

Not impressed. I had low expectations for pvp anyways, so this isn't a surprise. Why can't we have a Halaa type world pvp? A big problem with the original Halaa to me was an overall lack of players on one side or another. With cross server zones, this problem would be gone, and it would be amazingly fun.

Also, why can't we have JUST ONE 40v40 battleground with no timer where you actually have to fight the opposing faction, like old Alterac Valley was? Take it out of the random rotation, and make it purely optional so those of us that love large scale pvp can have it again.
Ugh, I get very tired of people on PvP servers crying about not wanting to be forced to PvP. It's a PvP server, it's designed for PvP. It's really rather selfish of you to want to ruin it for the majority because you made a mistake.
The dismounting tool will be cool, but I don't think it should cause falling damage. However, automatic parachutes could cause a problem also because the parachuter could be killed before even reaching the ground, if enough range are around.

Perhaps a bubble of immunity would prevent damage for the fall (no falling damage, if there is no slow fall effect) or prevent/greatly reduce damage taken during a slow fall effect of some sort.

I would also suggest putting a decent length CD on the dismounting tool, something along the lines of 30 min.

Now, if you want to get really clever, you could make the very same tool work in BGs to cause the enemy player to dismount. In fact, for random BGs, which don't allow flying but allow pretty much every device, potion, etc. available to the player, having this use for that dismount tool seems logical.

Edit: Also, I think it should have a fairly small range; and, not be used by players who are themselves flying. So it could be used from the ground only.
1. You're not required to role play on a role playing server, though you will absolutely get reported if you are obnoxious about it.
2. You're not prevented from role playing on a non-role playing server.
3. You're not prevented from engaging in pvp, even world pvp, on a pve server.
4. You ARE required to pvp on a pvp server, because the only way to avoid it is to sit in a sanctuary and never leave. That is possible with dungeon and raid finder, but it would be excruciatingly boring and you would miss out on the vast majority of the content.

For the record, I don't have a problem with world pvp. I hate being camped: I want to play the game, not be dead, but a good fight is really fun. Prot Pally vs. Holy Priest was so funny I must have laughed for an hour.

Still, Blizzard always says that they want to enable players to play how they want, so it doesn't make sense that a minority of players on a pvp realm are forced to do something they don't want to do. This seems to be a fundamental design issue at the philisophical level.

Why not give people the option to flag for pve on a pvp realm? If you are leveling in Stranglethorn, or you don't have time to be ganked while you try to knock out a few dailies, or you are waiting for a raid to start, or you just don't feel like dealing with pvp, why should you have to? This functionality already exist, in reverse, on pve realms; it seems like it ought to be possible to add it to pvp realms without too much difficulty, and it solves the problem of people who don't want to leave their friends or can't afford to move their toons.

Heck, if you want to mess with a pve flagged player, you still can by killing quest mobs or quest givers or whatever. "But that removes my desired play mechanic of fighting the other person!" True, but from my experience, both on offense and defense, people who don't want to pvp, won't; they just lie down under it, die, and leave (often log). I fail to see how slightly reducing the fun of pvpers with a red=dead philosophy in any way balances against reducing the other person's fun to the point where they stop playing.

I am still waiting for an intelligent rationale behind forcing people to always pvp on a pvp server. "Tough, you shouldn't have rolled here" just doesn't cut it.
06/05/2012 12:18 PMPosted by Zanatre
Why not give people the option to flag for pve on a pvp realm?

Because then it would be a PvE realm.
So? Why can't pvp realms be for people who prefer to pvp? Why do they have to be for people who always want to pvp, all the time?
06/05/2012 12:15 PMPosted by Ponk
Also, why can't we have JUST ONE 40v40 battleground with no timer where you actually have to fight the opposing faction, like old Alterac Valley was? Take it out of the random rotation, and make it purely optional so those of us that love large scale pvp can have it again.

Changes to av is something so many people want,

Found it interesting that they are changing the way guards work on different servers to satisfy the wants of a fraction of the verbal player base, but the "change av" crowd is just as large or bigger, but totally ignored.

Av ques times will rise outside of av holidays, meaning to many people only do av for easy points,
AV Quests will still be impossible to do or pointless cause of time restraints,
AV trinkets/Insignias will be 3 expansions old in mop,

Av is the best bg they have, and their is no reason after mop hit to keep it as just another fast honor farm for people who don't want to be there.
The better question is why did you roll there if you didn't enjoy PvP?

WoW was my first MMO so I had no idea. If I had to do it over again I would have jumped on Illidan as was my first instinct.
Nice! finally some world PvP!

I want to get out of SW but it's so quiet out there...nothing to do. I hope to see world bosses just walking around every where and not to find them "in the same place" all the time. Would be nice to see world bosses atacking a main city and towns so people have ot rush to defend it.

I see incoming of "(insert area) under attack!"
I am kind of concerned with what may come with world pvp on a pvp server. I am not a huge fan of pvp but I do enjoy it every now and then. Say what you will, be my concerns I feel are real and can cause issues when it comes to game flow and experiencing the new content. Yes, a majority of players on pvp servers are only interested in pvp. But that does not mean that there aren't players who like the pve aspects of the game as well. It can be aggravating when all you want to do is quest and level up but there is a group of "enemies" that hang around a area to keep you from doing so. Also, being on the same quest line for hours or maybe even days because you have to stop and fight other players every few minutes really takes away from the pve content that many enjoy. For example, a few level 90's camping the zone-in locations of Jade Forest in which most of the players there are level 85-86, bringing up the concern that the lower levels will not be able to contend with them and either leave the zone and not get to experience the content there or stop playing the game for awhile until said "enemies" leave. It's not very fun sitting in a "safe zone" for long periods of time because there is a well-overpowered group camping the area. Another outcome is people leaving pvp servers for other servers because there is a big imbalance in the populations. Say server 1 is 80% Alliance and 10-15% of the Horde population moves to server 2 which is 70% Horde, leaving server 1 with an even more unbalanced population and creating the same issue on server 2 with the lower populated Alliance, reducing the world pvp that is being pushed hard for. Yes the cross-realm zones will help but I don't believe it will have as great of an effect that it may seem to have. Basically, to sum up everything, my concern is the majority of the game play (if not the entirety) will revolve around pvp on pvp servers. I am sure the majority of replies to this will be "go to a pve server", which is true. But then again, when that person who does want to partake in world pvp flags themself will end up either waiting or searching all over for someone who is also flagged. In that example, there really isn't world pvp. Just what you have now on live realms. Another example that can happen is players switching between pvp and pve servers to play either for pvp reasons or pve reasons. Meaning 2x the time it takes for the same goal of getting to level 90 to experience the content available at that level.

One idea I have to make things more "balanced" would be to give lower level players a "buff" against higher level players to even the odds. Say give a level 85 player who zones into Jade Forest for the first time a 10% damage/healing buff against level 88+ players who are in Jade Forest with the intention of just killing the lower level players. Stats and numbers between 85-87 are not to great to require such a buff. As far as population balance not much can be done. If there are 50 Alliance and only 10 Horde in a zone then those Horde players will more than likely stay near areas that have gaurds or somewhere they can hide out of sight and not be able to fully explore and experience what the zone has to offer. I don't know of any solution for this.

I may just be over thinking everything but forums are the place to post thoughts and concerns so here I am. I am on a pvp server currently and I will most likely be moving to a pve server when MoP goes live for the main reason that I don't want to have to fight through a bunch of players to do a few quests or even to just travel through the zone.
Words cannot express the nerdy emotions I'm getting reading the new pvp content... Finally somewhat of a death match, and thank god they're bringing back the dimount mechanic! They really did listen to the players this time. Keep it coming!
06/05/2012 12:28 PMPosted by Luxxinterior
I am still waiting for an intelligent rationale behind forcing people to always pvp on a pvp server. "Tough, you shouldn't have rolled here"

Who is forcing you to pvp?

No one is forcing me to pvp. I said that I enjoy a good fight, and some of them have been off the wall. I am simply concerned that there are people on my server who don't want to pvp, they are losing ways to avoid it, and the only response anyone seems willing to give is: leave. There have to be other options, and I suggested one. Are there any others?
Can you give us more details on the quest hubs? are they going to be grindy, pve related quests or are they going to be pvp related at all?

I have always thought there should be a designated pvp quest hub, that has you attack a certain area ( think halaa or hellfire towers). This always brought people to a common place to pvp, but never felt like just another instanced BG (like WG or TB).

I do not really want to kill spiders or collect relics for a quest. I would like to take something over, and destroy an enemy town tho, or take an artifact from an enemy town. And I would love for the quest reward to be pvp related or something. Not just gold. And a vendor that I can trade tokens in to buy current season pvp related gear, not pve related gear.

I think this would be a rather simple solution, in addition to all the other things you guys have already implemented.

Also curious, are you guys still for the conquest points for world kills idea? or has that been tossed?

Love the "come over here, mounted player" idea!

/end ramble.
A Pvp server should be soley based off PvP, meaning in (my own opinion), I think everyone should always be flagged for intense gaming. The people who dislike getting destroyed by waves of horde or alliance can hop server to a PvE realm. Look at it as a commitment to the server, you selected PvP because YOU wanted to Pvp. Not to just dip your foot in the water.
1.) Make AV more like it used to be. For those who don't like or have time for it, there'll now be the option to down-vote. Most people who like the current one like it for the free honor, not for the actual gameplay.

2.) Blizzard developers are too focused on keeping the UI simple. Tons of Diablo III players still don't know about elective mode -- way to oversimplify! The devs really do WoW PvP'ers both old and new a disservice by not including the status of diminishing returns and trinket cooldowns in the default UI. This shouldn't be obtrusive, but just in case make an option in the interface to turn it off.

3.) Diminishing returns need to be less arbitrary and more intuitive. Repentance DR's Poly but not Blind, while Blind DR's Fear but not Poly, while Poly DR's Sap but not Cyclone, while Cyclone doesn't DR with anything -- gets a little confusing, doesn't it? Change the categories to something like

-stuns and silences
-spammable CC
-cooldown CC

and then balance from there. Unfortunately, the devs seem to struggle when it comes to the details of PvP. When they decide to update it, they always focus on the big picture: "Look at this new battleground we have for you!" I'm not being sarcastic when I say that's great, but what about ironing out core PvP systems? And why aren't classes at least somewhat balanced at the beginning or end of an expansion?

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