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Wyrmrest Accord
"We write our own destiny." ~ Cherylynne Lyonhart

Saga, founded shortly after Wyrmrest Accord's launch, is a level 25 RP-PvE guild comprised of approachable, mature, positive, and talented players with a keen interest in most any aspect of World of Warcraft. The guild's emphasis is on the development of a consistent and interesting character, all the while making the most of our time in the game. Much like our roleplay the guild itself is organic; sometimes we're focused more on our PvE goals, and sometimes more so on our roleplay goals, but the long and short is that we do what we can as a guild, and have fun doing it together. We're not just a bunch of people with a tabard; we're a group of friends.

Roleplay is the central core of what we do, but we love and encourage exploring every aspect of the game to the fullest. We do not believe that PvE, PvP, raiding, or roleplaying are mutually exclusive. The PvE and PvP worlds form a highly detailed and dynamic environment that present new challenges daily, allowing our characters to grow and develop over time. We have a hearty mix of RP styles - silly and light-hearted to dark and brooding; long and involved storylines that unfold over time to off-the-cuff improvisational sessions.

We encourage our members to test themselves in PvE and PvP as well. Whether it is a five man instance, level-capped heroic dungeons, old-world raids, or whatever the current top-notch content deploys, Saga is always game to wade right in. There's no elitism, no shunning of those with a lower item level, and no drama. It's just 4-9 of your friends going into a dungeon with you to exact a bit of justice, or stab some guy in the face (whatever suits your character). There's a constant desire to win and to improve that pushes us to succeed, but we're not willing to be jerks about it.

Are You Saga Material?

Saga plays with a sense of humor and a laid-back style. We always try to succeed and improve, but we'll always find the humor in both the failures and the successes. From picking on each other, making horrible puns, or just giggling about a stupid wipe in a dungeon, the humor is a Saga constant.

All kidding aside, Saga is a group of mature individuals. While it is tempting to assign an arbitrary age limit to members, we feel that a cool, laid back teenager is far more appealing than a high-strung, needy adult.

We have a relatively long application process, designed to help you decide if we're the right guild for you and for us to discover if there's a clash of personalities BEFORE you put on the lion tabard. But fear not: our applicants often remark on how quickly they were made to feel at home in the guild. The process is one of the main reasons that Saga has had only a fraction of the drama most other guilds our age have had to endure.

There are real people steering every character on this server, and how we treat them is a big deal. Saga prides itself on the conduct of the its members; the actions of anybody wearing the guild tag reflects on the reputation of the guild as a whole. Have fun, help others, and don't be a jerk. We are always on the lookout for people who fit the bill. Being friendly, intelligent, willing to help others, and having a positive attitude goes a long way with us. We don't recruit classes or specs; we recruit PEOPLE. We want the player, rather than the collection of virtual gear they have.

Remember What is Important

Yes, we want to succeed in raiding and in PvP. We have before, and time again. But it is important to remember that the in-game successes of today mean nothing next to the relationships and friendships that are forged in the guild. In the end, nurturing relationships is far more important than how many epics you have.
What We've Done, and What We'd Like to Do

In the past Saga has hosted a number of roleplay events for the server, in particular a few 'Come As You Aren't' parties, a few Scavenger Hunts, and Penfold's Mystery Theatre. Our Story Circle is a semi-regular event where we, as a guild, gather to regale each other with both current events and nearly-forgotten stories that shaped who our characters have become today. We also make it a point to have a guild meeting each month.

We've even had a few story arcs in guild consisting of relevant dungeon crawls and locales, such as Ruix' 'Corruption of the Old Gods.'

And as of late one of our newer members has taken it upon herself to organize weekly old-world raid runs entitled 'Temporal Shadows.'

During Wrath of the Lich King we, as a guild, had taken down every raid dungeon while the content was still relevant, and many of us did claim Kingslayer titles before the end of the expansion. While we would have loved to repeat history with Cataclysm sadly real life did get in the way of many of our efforts. However we have still managed to clear Blackwing Descent, the Bastion of Twilight, the Throne of the Four Winds, and most of the Firelands while they were still relevant. It is our hope that we can maintain our track record by the end of this expansion as I know many would love the titles and accolades that come with such a feat.

Our primary interest right now is to recruit good, honest, like-minded individuals in preparation for the new expansion. We look for people who have an interest in the intermingling of both gameplay and roleplay, want to continue to bring excellence to Saga's reputation, and are looking to form strong bonds with both the player and the pixels.

If you're interested in learning more about Saga, please visit our website at, or talk to one of our officers:

Chérylynne (Cherylynne, Misora, Aevaana)
Dalylah (Alkyne, Alastayr)
Ruix (Hackles, Halberd, Hook)
Ruix bristled. "Oh, yes. New recruits. That's... wonderful." She paused, turning her attention to the enormous golden Proto-Drake which idled behind her like a giant dog. She patted its neck before glancing back over. "As long as they are not completely inept, they'll do."


(Ignore her. She's an ice queen).

Anyway, if you're looking for an awesome guild with awesome people with an awesome sense of humor, be sure to give Saga a try. I've been a member for a good long time and it's been an excellent experience.
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Gooooood morning Wyrmrest Accord. Happy Sunday!
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Kallixta says, "So why would Duskwood be spared from the Shattering? Especially when Westfall was not."

Strelka says, "Maybe is because of the trees? Westfall and Redridge do not have many trees, and they are hurt badly by the Cataclysym. But here, there are many and they are largely OK."

Kallixta says, "So, you are suggesting perhaps Deathwing is afraid of trees? There are few trees in Deepholm, so little protection there. And Hyjal has many, so he beseeched Ragnaros to help him rid the mountain for trees..."

Hypothesis: Deathwing is afraid of Trees
Sup Wymrest. Hope everyone's Monday was decent.

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Man, these threads move FAST.

Anyway, mornin'. Bump.
Man, these threads move FAST.

Anyway, mornin'. Bump.

They really do! lol

I'll be away on vacation this week, but Ruix and Dalylah will be holding down the fort.

Also, we're planning a small party on June 20th ... sort of a pre-Fire Festival celebration that wraps up with us heading into Molten Core. I'll be posting about this on these forums after I come back.
Good people. Was in this guild for a time when I was playing Alliance and, other than being dirty low-down Alliance, there's not much else to fault them for :)
I must agree that Saga is one of the most friendly and welcoming guilds I have ever known! It truly feels like home!
Doin' an ICC run tonight for the drakes and overall fun times. Friday is Cata dungeon drake day.

We do stuff.

Awesome stuff.
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06/12/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Nakhu
Good people. Was in this guild for a time when I was playing Alliance and, other than being dirty low-down Alliance, there's not much else to fault them for :)

I appreciate the nod :)
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Bippity-bumppity! Good times, good folks.
Good morning, Wyrmrest Accord!

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