Proudmoore Raiding & Guild Resource.



A great realm such as PROUDMOORE - the only realm with PRO in it's NAME.... DESERVES it's own Raiding Compendium, and so... here it is!!

This is not a progression thread. This is a guild times and particulars thread. A raid time listing thread for the benefit of guilds, raiders, and PUG raid leaders. A raider awareness quick reference thread. A RL and GDKP registration thread. A thread where players looking for raids can also post their details in. It is essentially an every-thing-but-progression-quick-reference aide.

*If you have additional questions about the reason for this thread or why to participate in it, or other common questions these have received, please see the Q&A section specifically.

-----=====TABLE OF CONTENTS=====-----

Post #1. Introduction.
Post #7. FAQ's

Disclaimer: This thread is intended to be an ongoing resource to current and future raiders and raid guilds. Initial information was collected from wowprogress. To list your guild, simply post a reply with the details. It is the intention of the thread provider to keep only current and up to date information to better serve those who would use this resource. It is the responsibility of each guild to provide current and accurate information. Additionally, this resource is for established and ongoing guilds to list their information.

Please Note: For the sake of brevity in the formatting, specific terms are used, and these terms are defined here specifically in the thread to convey their meaning in relation to this thread's presentation only. As such, please read the sections in full to interpret their meaning and proper usage here in order to ensure they most accurately reflect your guild, or the type of guild you are searching for.

Last but not least, kindly request sticky for this!


News and Updates:

Raid Strategy and Encounter Discussion: (*you can readily youtube search boss names for their videos)

Character/Raid Optimization and Performance Help:

Equipment Databases:
-----=====GUILD TYPE KEY=====-----

Q: What Kind of Raid Type is my guild?

If you are wondering about this question and what to put, consider the following question:
"What kind of player do you identify yourself with and wish to attract to your guild?"


Hardcore guilds seek not to be just the best on a server, but place in the top percentile globally. They seek world firsts, and server firsts are a given. These guilds have a robust and extensive raid schedule to say the least. Hardcore guilds clear all current normal mode content in less then 30 days of its implementation. That means a hefty raid schedule (5-7 days a week raiding on average). They have the strictest of performance and attendance requirements, and an intense admittance policy. These are typically stressful guilds, but not always. Maybe one carrot a month, the rest is all verbal stick. (There are currently no hardcore guilds on Malygos.)

Serious guilds are like hardcores, but with a slightly looser raid schedule, and generally a slightly more relaxed atmosphere outside of raiding. While the raids themselves are still very 'serious' in tone and nature, there is less overall intensity compared to hardcore. They generally seek to be the first on server, but beyond that their sphere of concern falls short. Typically they can be even stricter then hardcore guilds on attendance because of their fewer raid days, but not necessarily. More stick then carrot here.

Dedicated guilds usually have a schedule similar to serious guilds, that is more relaxed, but still enforce attendance but aren't extremely strict about it (guilds where you give advanced noticed you can't make it, and they don't gkick you for not being there, or where they understand RL happens, that kinda vibe). Dedicated guild members research their classes as well and generally try and perform really well in raids, but usually do so with a more relaxed atmosphere for the most part. These are the guilds most people like being in, but typically suffer from attendance problems (and well guild identity problems on what kind of guild they are) as they continually try and balance between the carrot and the stick.

Casual guilds ask people to show up, but don't particularly enforce attendance. They have a very loose raid schedule, that is more like a series of raiding guidelines for times to get together. These guilds are very easy to get in to and normally do not have an application or screening process beyond "hey I know him/her, they're cool". Lots of carrots here, very very few sticks.

Relaxed guilds pretty much just raid whenever people are on and don't normally have a set schedule. They don't care what you come as, or how bad you are usually, they care more about the social interactions that transpire both during and after raids - think social guild that raids. No sticks, all carrots.

Q: What do I do if my guild can't be clearly defined by one of these labels? What if it is a mix of two?

If you find your guild is more like the combination of 2 definitions, you can establish it as such. For example, if you are somewhere between Serious and Dedicated, call it that "Serious/Dedicated". If you are a Casual guild, but when you raid you are very serious, then identify yourselves as "Casual/Serious". To help define what you mean by your combination, when you submit your guild entry, provide a definition to your newly defined guild type. This way players who see your mix and aren't exactly sure what you mean by it, can scroll down to your individual entry and learn first hand.

PLEASE NOTE: Raid Size must also be indicated. With the changes to raiding via Cataclysm it is now essential to indicate if you are a 10 man raid guild, or a 25 man raid guild. What ever the majority of your Guild Raids are during the week, 10 or 25s, is effectively what you are. Multiple 10 man raids makes you a 10 man raid guild. If the majority of your guild's raid weekly raid schedule changes to 25s, please update your information here accordingly.


Classic - Nov 2004
Burning Crusade (BC) - Jan 2007
Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) - Nov 2008
Cataclysm (Cata) - Dec 2010
Mists of Pandaria - TBA
-----=====LOOT TYPE KEY=====-----


DKP - Dragon Kill Points

GDKP - Gold Dragon Kill Points

SLS - Shroud Loot System
A heavily modified DKP system developed by the guild Shroud that attempts to correct perceived flaws in the original system.

EPGP - Effort Points Gear Points

SK - Suicide Kings

LC - Loot Council

LL - Loot List
A modified Loot Council system developed by the guild Reawaken of US-Staghelm. Requires raiders to present loot 'lists' from an instance in order of personal priority. High attendance is integral to equipment consideration. The system has displayed a fair distribution by not neglecting new raiders, and has since spread cross server to other raid guilds.

MS/OS - Main Spec / Off Spec /random loot priority distribution system.

MPQ - Minimum Performance Qualification
A modified MS/OS variation used primarily in PUG raiding. Individuals must meet required performance benchmarks in order to be eligible for loot, thus preventing freeloading and encouraging strong play.

FR - Free Roll without priority or formal limitations but often including consideration.
-----=====GUILD SUBMISSION FORMAT=====-----

*If your guild is not listed, please submit an entry with the following format and all variables answered to their completeness. In addition, please verify your guild has been raiding on the same set schedule for 3 consecutive weeks. This is not a thread for new hopefuls, but established and solidified guilds with set schedules.

Copy / paste the under with your details

•Guild Master / Raid Leader / Contact person: (Specify)
•Your Guild Name:
•Your Faction:
•Website Address: (a fully functional website with no malicious software - copy your addy from your browser here)
•Raid Schedule: (Day(s) of the week, From When TO When, Multiple raids can be listed here)
•Raid Type: (Hardcore, Serious, Dedicated, Casual, or Relaxed) - (Size)
•Current Raid Progress:
•Date Founded (Period): (ex. 02/08 (BC), or 07/06 (Vanilla), or 11/09 (Wrath) or (Cata))
•Loot Distribution System: (ex. GDKP, DKP, EPGP, Loot Council, Free Roll, etc.)
•Voice Chat: (Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble/None/etc.)
•Age Range: (Average age range of your guildies, ex. 18+, 10-15, 15-20, 20-25, 25-30, 30-40, 50+, etc.)
•GLBT Friendly: Yes / No

This information will then be translated into a Guild Entry I will be compiling from time to time for quick reference.

*****IMPORTANT NOTE***** - If your submission does not follow the submission format or qualifications, it will not be added until done so. Adhere to the qualifications to be listed - Your Guild MUST have raided on the same schedule for 3 weeks. Follow the Format Directions to their entirety. If you slipshod your submission, a slipshod response you'll receive - if any.
-----=====GDKP & PUG RL FORMAT GUIDE=====-----

If you wish to formally list your weekly GDKP runs, or formally identify yourself and your raid specifics as a PUG RL, please submit the following information:

Copy / paste the under with your details

•Your Name :
•Additional Contact Names (Including alts):
•Schedule of Content: (when and what)
•Loot Distribution System: (see above definitions) (bidding prices if gdkp)
•Minimum Ilvl Requirement (if applicable):
•Minimum Gold Requirement (if applicable):
•Achievement Requirements (if applicable): (Y/N)
•Individual Class Requirements (if applicable): (Tank Health, +heals, sustained dps)
•Ventrilo / Mumble: (Y/N)

*****IMPORTANT NOTE***** - If your submission does not follow the submission format or qualifications, it will not be added until done so. Adhere to the qualifications to be listed - Your Guild MUST have raided on the same schedule for 3 weeks. Follow the Format Directions to their entirety. If you slipshod your submission, a slipshod response you'll receive - if any.

Q: Why should we submit or update our guild info, or even use this resource?

A: This resource is for people looking for a new guild from on server, and off server, and for those looking to create one by seeing when other guilds are already raiding. It is good for all guilds because it is another source of potential recruiting that further helps guilds acquire members that fit their raid schedules for one.

Q: Why do we need to answer the additional questions about us, you have our web and schedule?

A: Because for another reason, it is not only important to find a guild that fits a person's schedule, but also one that fits their frame of mind and play-style. This helps increase the likelihood of a more appropriate fit. Like minds with like minds as they say.

Q: We already have recruit threads, why would we need this 'resource/guide'?

A: Unfortunately the vast majority of guilds do not list their schedules in easy to find locations on their webpages, and there currently is no website that provides guild raid schedules on a server side by side with each other for quick referencing anymore then categorizing them by time periods. Additionally, this adds to your current recruit thread, and unlike those threads, it becomes a permanent recruit tool for you without you having to do anything except for the occasional update. Your guild info, status, and listing won't need to be '/bump'd because it will always be there at the top of the forums. By simply having your schedule shown can attract individuals to your guild without you even having to do anything.

Additionally, raiders searching for a new guild that have used my other Raider Resources have found them to be incredibly helpful in their search. You simply only have to read the recruit threads from guilds that fit your schedule and style after quickly glancing at my resource. In essence, it dramatically cuts down in the amount of research you have to do to find a new guild.

At a certain point all these individual realm resources will become connected to a master, as they will be included in a future resource on the Dungeon & Raids forum (possibly the guild recruitment forums as well). Once connected, this inner 'network' will greatly help with the facilitation of players finding more appropriate guilds and servers, drastically cutting down on the time spent arbitrarily looking for a new guild/server to play on/with.

Q: Won't this become an insane amount of work for you to maintain a bunch of threads?

A: Surprisingly not. The initial setup takes the longest amount of time. After that it becomes simple maintenance. Because I provide formats for submissions, and requirements to submit, it becomes very quick and easy to update the threads as necessary. I've already been doing it for over 2 and a half years, and the amount of time to maintain one has been relatively minimal.

[ 1 ] Post #19.

•Guild Master : Audrea / Zolee
•Guild Name: <Outside Le Box> - Serious/Hardcore (10) - 8/8H - LC & MS/OS Mix
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Tues-Thurs, 7-11pm

[ 2 ] Post #20.

•Guild Master: Kransar
•Guild Name: <Strangely Ironic> - Dedicated - 10m - MS/OS roll / DKP Hybrid system
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule:
•••First Team: Fri/Sat 1800 Server Time 2-3 hours - 2/8 Heroic + 8/8 Normal.
•••Second Team: Sun 1800 Server Time 2-3 hours - 8/8 Normal.

[ 3 ] Post #21.

•Guild Name: <Infamy> - Dedicated - 10m - 8/8HM - Ms > OS / Free roll / Discussed prior
•Guild Master: Avátar (GM and RL - that a is Alt+0225), Muletia, Chellsie
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Main raid are Wed/Thurs/Mon 8p - 11:30p Australian Eastern time, currently -7PST (Proudmoore Server Time), alt raids are normally Sunday afternoon
•Current Recruitment: Closed but planning and recruitment for MoP will be starting soon™

[ 4 ] Post #25.

• Guild Master: Orangemoon
• Guild Name: <Non Combat Pet> - Serious - 8/8 HM - Rolls / SK / LC (Diff groups - Diff systems)
• Website Address:
• Raid Schedule:
-----Mon-Thurs 7-11pm (Team Master Plan, Raid Leader: Orangemoon)
-----Thurs 6:30pm-10pm & Sun 11am-4pm (Team PT All-Stars, Raid Leader: Justus)
-----Mon-Thurs: 6-10pm (Team Super Friends, Raid Leader: Yitzak)
-----Mon/Weds/Thurs 7-10pm (Team Turtle, Raid Leader: Meowie)
• Loot Distribution System: We use a mix of Rolling, SK and Loot Council. Talk to a Team Leader to find out how loot is handled for their respective groups.

[ 5 ] Post #28.

• Guild Master: Racknor
• Guild Name: <Thorns of Gold> - Casual / Serious - 10&25m - 4/8 HM - Roll/share Loot
• Website Address:
• Raid Schedule:
---Fir & Sat 7PM -10PM Raid Leader Moonlitia ( Casual/progression) ST
---Wed & Mon 8-10.30pm Raid leader Xukisy ( Casual/progression) AEST
---Thurs & Fri 8:00pm-10.30pm Raid Leader Racknett (casual/progression) AEST
---Thurs & Sun 8-11pm Raid leader Svansen (serious) AEST
---Thurs & Sat 8:30-10:30pm Raid Leader Grimbatol (casual) AEST

[ 6 ] Post #29.

•Raid Leader : Kage - Revytwohands (RL for 2nd grp)
•Guild Name: <Pacific Gamers> (Aussie/Late Night Guild) - Dedicated / Casual - 10m - 5/8HM & 8/8N - Ms > Os
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Monday, Thursday 230-530am ST (730pm AEST) G2 Wed 230-500am ST.

[ 7 ] Post #31.

Contact persons: Harbringerau, Akkadia, Staticshoc, Cptheals
•Guild Name: <Stormsong> - Dedicated / Casual - 10m - 8/8 Normal - LC & Ms > Os
•Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Monday 3:30am - 6am server time
We are a friendly Oceanic Guild so raid times are 8:30pm-11pm AEST.

[ 8 ] Post #34.

• Contact person: Hecklar, wickedwanda bronhann (GM and RL )
• Guild Name: <Edge of eternity> - Dedicated - 10m - 2/8 Heroic - Ms > Os / Free roll.
• Website Address:
• Raid Schedule: Main raid are Tue/Wed/ Alt grp Thurs Fri/Sat 7p - 10:00p PST (Proudmoore Server Time).

[ 9 ] Post #35.

•Guild Master: Tallayan - Council - Tallayan, Remyjane, Oomkin, Bozelf
•Guild Name: Axiom - Dedicated/Serious - 10m & 25m - 8/8H 10m & 2/8H 25m - LC
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Required - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 1830 - 2200 server/pacific
- Alt run on Monday 1900 - 2130 server/pacific - not required
•Raid Type: Dedicated/Serious - RL will not get you kicked, but attendance is taken into account for rank and loot. We expect people to know their class and be ready to raid at 1830.
•Size: Currently 10, originally 25, want to get back to 25s for MoP - Prefer 25s but will always raid no matter what.

[ 10 ] Post #39.

•Guild Master: Nebliina
•Raid Lead Officer: Marigan
•Guild Name: <Phoenix Fusion>
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: (all are 10m)
•••First Team: Tues/Wed/Fri 7:00pm to 9:30 pm
Led by Marigan
Raid type: Dedicated
Current raid progress: 7/8 H
•••Second Team: Wed/Mon 6:00pm to 9:00 pm
Led by Mmlylissa
Raid type: Casual
Current raid progress: 8/8 N
•••Third Team: Thurs 7Pm, plus one more day
Raid type: Casual
Current Raid Progress: 8/8 N
•Loot Distribution System: varies by team

[ 11 ] Post #40.

•Contact person: Eleathe (Raid Leader), Windarian(Social Recruitment Officer), Risahawkeye(Guild master)
•Guild Name: <Soul Society> serious/dedicated - 10m - 3/8H - DKP
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Mon/Wed/Thu - 8-11p - alt run/achieves if 8/8 clear.
-----=====ALLIANCE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE=====----- (contd)

[ 12 ] Post #42.

Contact person: Dravenor/Stind/Amati/Ulstorm
•Guild Name: <Dishonor Elite>
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Tues-Thurs, 7-11pm - 25m - Serious - 8/8h - LC

[ 13 ] Post #44.

Guild Name: Malice
Guild Master: Astiris
Contact People: Astiris, Scarth, Trytun, Toastercat, Misscatt, Sophrosine
Raid Leader: Astiris, Trytun/Toastercat
Raid Schedule: Tues/Thursdays 5:30-8 server, alt raids with enough interest
Raid Type: Casual, main raiders are expected to be consistent
Loot Type: Loot council, open discussion, roll
Progression: 6/8H, a few of us are 8/8H, 6/7H Firelands

[ 14 ] Post #47.

Guild Name: HEAT
Contact person: Idrìss, Qrãk
Website Address:
Raid Schedule: 25m 4pm-7pm (PST) Tue-Wed-Thur
Raid Type: Progression focused 25 player raid
Current Raid Progress: 6/8HM 25m, 8/8HM 10m
Current Recruitment: Open recruitment for immediate roster spots.
Loot Distribution System: Loot Council

[ 15 ] Post #48.

•Guild Masters: Auramoria and Vidanya
•Contacts: Mongorians, Trista, Ryln
Guild Name: <Karma>
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule:
•••Progression raiding: Tue/Wed/Thur 6-10pm
•••Farm content (this includes Heroic 8/8DS): Tue 6-8pm.
•Raid Type: Hardcore 10m, weekends are for casual fun and PvP.
•Current Raid Progress:
•••8/8H DS on farm, as well as 7/7H FL.
•Loot Distribution System: Modified Loot Council. Equal ranks roll off MS>OS, unless an obviously bigger upgrade. (Ex: player with 378 item will win over player with 394 item).

[ 16 ] Post #53.

•Guild Master: Glimnord, Officers: Shockka, Gojulas, Roldy, Adeigar, Garreth
•Contact person(s): GM or any officer
•Guild Name: Repentance
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Wed, Thurs, Monday 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm AEST.
•Raid Type: Dedicated - 10 man
•Current Raid Progress: 6/8H
•Loot Distribution System: Loot Council, Loot List, MS/OS combination

[ 17 ] Post #54.

•Contact: Hosannah, Amarix, Candlebox, Elassana and any char with Fleas in AF.
•Your Guild Name: Armoured Fury
•Your Faction: Alliance
•Raid Schedule: 6pm - 9pm ST Tue/Wed/Thur/Mon + Various other times.
•Raid Type: 10man
•Current Raid Progress: 1/8H DS - Waiting to fill spots.
•Loot Distribution System: Loot Council

[ 18 ] Post #55.

•Guild Master / Raid Leader: Feathrixx / Tueurr
•Contact People: Dalya, Kaiden, Berianther, or Heerox
•Guild Name: Dark Endeavor
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Tu,W,Th 9pm-1am PST (12-4am EST)
•Raid Type: Dedicated 25-man
•Current Raid Progress: 6/8HM
•Loot Distribution System: Modified DKP, MS>OS

[ 19 ] Post #
-----=====ALLIANCE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE (contd)=====-----

** To be Updated **
-----=====ALLIANCE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE (contd)=====-----

** To be Updated **

[ 1 ] Post # 17.

•Guild Master : Caswyn
•Guild Name: REBOUND - Casual - 10 Man - Loot Council - 8/8 Dragon Soul Normal.
•Website :
•Raid Schedule: 2 separate groups. Weds/Thurs: 7:30 pm Server & Sunday: 5:00 pm server.

[ 2 ] Post #22.

Guild Master : Saarandor (GM), Boochicken (RL) - Serious/Dedicated - 10m - 5/8HM - MS > OS
•Guild Name: hemingways gun
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Sunday and Wednesday, 8.30pm to 11.30pm. It's important to note that we are an Oceanic Guild, and our times are listed in Sydney times. Currently on server, it's 3.30am to 6.30am on both those days, I believe.

[ 3 ] Post #26.

Guild Master: Silchas / Contacts: Thxyoutoo, Silchas, Jonbell, Crushbreaker, Seigebreaker
Guild Name: Dunder Mifflin - Hardcore - 25m - 8/8 HM - LC -
Website Address:
**We use a closed Facebook Group to organize events and contact each other.
Raid Schedule: >> Thursday, Sunday, Monday 6:30PM - 10:30PM Server time

[ 4 ] Post #30.

Guild: Sparkle Magic - Proudmoore - Dedicated - 10m - 8/8N & 6/8HM - Raid determined loot.
Contact: Anathaemus [GM], Kuro (me) [recruitment], Lithiummy, Yshara, Drawkward, Brandin
Raid Type: Dedicated.
Raid Schedule:
•T/W "Rocket Surgery" 8/8 H (Light Schedule Progression) ~ 6:00-10:00 PM PST
•M/Th "Super Clean" 6/8 H (Light Schedule Progression) ~ 5:30-9:30 PM PST
•Sat "Nameless Wonders" 3/8 H (Alt and Casual) ~ 5:00-9:00 PM PST
•"Herding Cats" 1/8 H (went on hiatus in Jan, will be recruiting for Pandas) ~ 6:00-10:00 PM PST

[ 5 ] Post #32.

•Guild Master : Ulrica / RL Siggizap & Amairin / Contact Anyone in guild
•Guild Name: Goes to Eleven - Dedicated - 10m - 7/8HM - Free Roll.
•Website Address :
•Raid Schedule: Tues/Wed/Mon 6:30-9:30
•Raid Type: Dedicated 10man
•Current Raid Progress: Currently 7/8H

[ 6 ] Post #36.

•Guild Master : Quickficks (GM), IMSP- RL
*Guild Name : <Sunwell Guards> - Dedicated - 10 man - 4/8H - Ms > Os & LC.
•Schedule of Content: currently 4/8HM raid weds 430-840 server time
•Loot Distribution System: Everyone can roll MS/OS, but RL and GM have final say in who gets what to share loot and not allow one person to win more then one major upgrade per raid. (Combo of MS/OS and LC)
•Minimum Ilvl Requirement: for raiding-397+ for social : anything
•Current Raid Progress: 8/8 normal DS --4/8 HM and progressing.

** To be Updated **
-----=====HORDE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE (contd)=====-----

** To be Updated **

# 26 / 246.


1. Non Combat Pet - World Rank 203.
2. Outside Le Box - World Rank 889.
3. Ultraman - World Rank 1600.
4. Infamy - World Rank 1707.
5. Dishonor Elite - World Rank 2775.


1. Taint Invaders - World Rank 1434.
2. Hug Vendor - World Rank 1983.
3. Dunder Mifflin - World Rank 3884.
4. Sparkle Magic - World Rank 4196.
5. GoW - World Rank 5334.

-----=====ALLIANCE & HORDE GDKP / PUG GUIDE=====-----

[ 1 ]

ALLIANCE : <The Gold Mint> GDKP - Post #16.

[ 2 ]

** To be Updated **
<The Gold Mint> THURSDAY GDKP>

•Your Name : Maxdps

•Additional Contact Names (Including alts): Realsteel / Progenesis / Mindblowing / Bigboomer / Narwhal / Yubari

•Schedule of Content: Thursdays 7:30am - 1:00pm - GDKP - Dragon Soul

•Current Progression : 8/8DS 1/8Heroic. Working on Heroic Ultraxion.

•Loot Distribution System: GDKP. BoP's = 5000g min bid 1000g Raises. BoE's = 1000g min bid 500g Raises. Bidding on all upgrades compulsory. You don't need to win them but a valid Minimum bid is necessary to be fair to all 25 players. Rogue Legendary Clusters available for 2000g each - Pre booking necessary unless open.

•Minimum Gearscore Requirement (if applicable): Yes / ilvl 372

•Minimum Gold Requirement (if applicable): Yes / 25000g

•Achievement Requirements (if applicable): Yes / Dragon Soul LFR Completed.

•Individual Class Requirements (if applicable): DO NOT FAIL YOUR CLASS! :D

•Ventrilo / Mumble: (Y/N) Yes to both.
•Guild Master / Raid Leader / Contact person: GM : Caswyn
•Your Guild Name: Rebound
•Your Faction: Horde
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Two separate groups.
Weds/Thurs: 7:30 pm Server.
Sunday: 5:00 pm server
•Raid Type: Casual- 10 man.
•Current Raid Progress: 8/8 normal DS.
•Date Founded (Period): Transferred to Proudmoore 1/2012 (cata)
•Loot Distribution System: Loot Council
•Voice Chat: Mumble
•Age Range: 18-50
•GLBT Friendly: Very yes.
Sorry to take up space in this thread..and I see there's a lot of work ahead for this thread..but I wanna say THANK YOU!!! I just transferred my main here (this) and I will be looking for a new guild home/raiding this is PERFECT timing.

Now, to check back to this thread every 43 seconds to see who brings in their guild info here.

Thanks so much for doing this!
•Guild Master / Raid Leader / Contact person: Audrea / Zolee
•Your Guild Name: <Outside Le Box>
•Your Faction: Alliance
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Tues-Thurs, 7-11pm
•Raid Type: Serious/Hardcore (10)
•Current Raid Progress: 8/8H
•Date Founded (Period): 11/11 (Cata)
•Loot Distribution System: LC & MS/OS Mix
•Voice Chat: Mumble
•Age Range: 20-30
•GLBT Friendly: Yes
•Guild Master: Kransar
•Your Guild Name: <Strangely Ironic>
•Your Faction: Alliance
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule:
•••First Team: Fri/Sat 1800 Server Time 2-3 hours
•••Second Team: Sun 1800 Server Time 2-3 hours
•Raid Type: Dedicated - 10 Man
•Current Raid Progress:
•••First Team: 4/8 Heroic
•••Second Team: 8/8 Normal
•Date Founded (Period): 04/12/2005 (Vanilla)
•Loot Distribution System: MS/OS roll
•Voice Chat: Ventrilo
•Age Range: Average around upper 20s.
•GLBT Friendly: Yes

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