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•Guild Master: Octonis(GM), Thrallium(Officer), Aufwiedersen(Raid Lead)
•Your Guild Name: Failed Attempt
•Your Faction: Alliance
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule:
Team 1: Wed/Thur 10:00am - 1:30pm
Team 2: Tues/Wed 7:00pm - 10:00pm (day/time may change for MoP)
•Raid Type: Dedicated - 10m
•Current Raid Progress: 8/8H
•Date Founded (Period): 02/08 BC
•Loot Distribution System: MS/OS
•Voice Chat: Mumble
•Age Range: 18+
•GLBT Friendly: Yes
•Guild Master / Raid Leader / Contact person: (Specify) Munhihausen (GM), Superdaedra (GM/RL), Jilf (Officer), Mortessen (Officer)
•Your Guild Name: Spawn More Overlords
•Your Faction: Horde
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Tuesday through Thursday 630P-930P server
•Raid Type: Dedicated/Relaxed - 2 10M groups
•Current Raid Progress: 8/8 DS, 7/7 FL, HBoT/BWD/T4W for fun.
•Date Founded (Period): Original group formed in BC, splintered from Taint in Oct 2011.
•Loot Distribution System: Main spec masterloot, all spec-appropriate items are /roll for those interested. Tier tokens are designated by raid leads (completing a 2 or 4 piece set takes preference, and bonus is combined with LFR tier).
•Voice Chat: Ventrilo
•Age Range: 25-40
•GLBT Friendly: Yes
We are 4/8 heroic. (guild #2 on your list)
•Guild Master / Raid Leader / Contact person: Co-GM's: Serro/Byond or Alowene (manager)
•Your Guild Name: <Hard Taco Supremes>
•Your Faction: Alliance
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: M, T, Th, 7:30-10:30 PST
•Raid Type: Hardcore/Serious, 10Man
•Current Raid Progress: 8/8H DS, 7/7 H FL etc
•Date Founded (Period): originally early WOTLK, horde on another server. We changed our name while transferring here.
•Loot Distribution System: Loot Council
•Voice Chat: Ventrilo
•Age Range: 23-37. Several married with kids. We understand familial and work/school responsibilities.
•GLBT Friendly: Yes
Guild Name : Shards Of Sargeras
Contact Names: Shadøwføx (the o's are ALT+0248)- cogm | Shimorai - cogm | iulz - officer
Faction: Alliance
Website Address:
Raid Schedule: On hold until Mists Of Pandaria
Current Raid Progress: N/A
Loot: SK/Priority System/LC
Current Recruitment: Current recruitment is updated on our website daily
Date Founded: 9/1/2011
Loot Distribution System: Raid dependant - SK/LK/Prioity Loot System
Voice Chat: Ventrilo
Age Range: 20-52
LGBT friendly: Yes

Our recruitment link on the official forums :
•Guild Master: Rthurian
•Your Guild Name: Pendragon
•Your Faction: Alliance
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: (Day(s) of the week, From When TO When, Multiple raids can be listed here)
•Raid Type: Flaming Legion (Serious:10 person raid team, MoP raid time TBD)
Steel Magnolias (Dedicated: 25 person raid team, Tues. and Wed. 6-9 server)
Sanctum of Chaos (Casual: 10 person raid team, Sat 8-11 server)
•Current Raid Progress:6/8H
•Date Founded: 07/10
•Loot Distribution System: EPGP (Flaming Loot)
•Voice Chat: Mumble and Ventrilo
•Age Range: 21-50
•GLBT Friendly: Yes
Bump. Had to look through 3 pages of trash to find this again lol
•Guild Master: Lowmaine (Co-GM's: Escorducarla and Skootalloo)
•Your Guild Name: Cinnamon Challenge
•Your Faction: Alliance
•Website Address:
•Raid Schedule: Weds and Thurs. 5pm - 9pm Server Time (starting in Mists)
•Raid Type: Dedicated (but totally hardcore concerning actual raid nights <3)
•Current Raid Progress: N/A
•Date Founded: 02/12
•Loot Distribution System: Loot Council (With some Loot List Present)
•Voice Chat: Ventrilo
•Age Range: 18+
•GLBT Friendly: Yes
•Guild Master / Raid Leader / Contact person: Rekkall•Your Guild Name: Pacific Gamers (Aussie/Late Night Guild)•Your Faction: Alliance•Website Address:•Raid Schedule: Monday, Thursday 230-530am ST (730pm AEST).•Raid Type: Dedicated - 10m •Current Raid Progress: 6/6 MV, 2/6 Ho •Date Founded (Period): 7/10•Loot Distribution System: MS/OS very rarely Loot Council Decisions if loot whoring becomes an issue or loot is BiS for one player and not another etc...•Voice Chat: Ventrilo•Age Range: Avg member age is 25-35ish.

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