Girth 8/8H-DS Weekends - LF Monk & More!

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Kiwi's are delicious.
Better find a monk!
They are so broken in beta hehe
I think Akara may be going monk.
ilvl 396 tank with os dps.. 4/8 h exp willing to realm change
07/11/2012 01:33 PMPosted by Ghlegend
ilvl 396 tank with os dps.. 4/8 h exp willing to realm change

So, I click your character, and:

Character Audit
- 1 empty glyph slot
- 5 unenchanted items
- 2 empty sockets in 1 item
- Missing Ebonsteel Belt Buckle

You also have no prior raid experience before DS. Gonna take a pass.
Arms os, Prot ms.
Been a while since I've used the Dps gear, been mostly pvping on this character recently, I believe the ilvl of it is roughly 399.
We'd like to see an app from you! :)
07/15/2012 04:18 AMPosted by Alouette

Well aren't you enthusiastic!
07/15/2012 10:16 PMPosted by Czarnick

Well aren't you enthusiastic!

Saw this,
made my day.
I want to play a monk for you, Girth!!
oh god why THAT SONG
And Katstin, if you have the experience we're looking for feel free to submit an app :)
At this time we are looking for:
- An awesome Melee DPS. Tank offspec (on STR user) a must. Legendaries: very nice.
- A Moonkin or Elemental Shaman that has a fantastic healer offspec (a must).
- A wannabe-Monk that has high proficiency and lots of high-end experience in all three raiding roles.
- A solid tank (prefer DK, but flexible) who can maintain very close (95%+) to 100% attendance. We are being very picky as we're not losing our second tank at all. He is switching to Melee DPS.

We have a stable roster and are looking to add a couple more before Mists. WE DO NOT RECRUIT FOR THE BENCH. Also, we're female friendly - there are two on our permanent raid roster.

You can view our roster here:
don't mess with the voodoo
07/18/2012 05:10 PMPosted by Alouette
oh god why THAT SONG

I take it you're not a fan...

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