[H25] <Fixed> 8/8H DS is LFM for 25s

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We have transitioned to 25man raiding as of 2012/06/06 and have cleared 8/8H in one night. We are looking for more to fill out and solidify our roster for MoP

Raid Times
6-9PM Server Time (PST)
We are down to a 1-night schedule (Wed 6-9PM ST) until MoP.

Raiding Progress
Dragon Soul: 8/8H (7/8H pre 10% nerf)
Server 2nd Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider

Firelands: 7/7H (4/7H pre-nerf)
Server 1st 25m Glory of the Firelands Raider

BoT/BWD/To4W: 11/13H

Raiding Progress (Alt Group)
Sunday Group (10man): 8/8H

You may apply just for our alt raid positions!

About Us
<Fixed> is a semi-hardcore 10 man progression raiding guild that have transitioned to 25 man. We are now 8/8H in both 10 & 25.

We are focused around the idea that you can have a job, go to school, or at the very least, have a life outside of WoW yet still down heroic content in a timely manner.

We only raid 9 hours a week (3 hours per night for 3 nights). Because of this, all players are expected to perform at the highest level with sufficient research and knowledge of their class. Min/maxing is expected of our raiders.

The core has been together since early Tier 11 and has a great working chemistry. We also have an older player-base compared to other guilds. The average age of Fixed members lie between 25~27 years old.

We use Mumble for our voice communication!

Current Needs

Druid (Resto & Balance)
Priest (Shadow)

Warrior (Arms/Fury)

Apply at http://www.fixedguild.com

If you have any questions, you can contact the officers in-game or through our forums.

Pelenthius - GM
Ezstrox - Officer/Raid Lead
Stunnz - Officer/Raid Lead
Keziä - Officer
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Hi im Azinea
Can i join? :3
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Kezia :D!!!!

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