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Okay guys I think this is a really good idea.

With the recent push for account wide stuff the next logical step is account wide gear. How it would work is that whenever a peice of gear drops on one character you can unlock a peice of gear of the same tier or ilevel on all your other toons so you don't have to gear up anymore because gearing is hard.

Please comment and say if u lyke the idea plz
I do not see this happening.

More time spent in game getting geared = more money for blizzard.
obvious troll is not so obvious
06/07/2012 09:15 AMPosted by Ragestarved
because gearing is hard.

Define hard?

Is hard 2 hours a week? Thats all it takes to progress threw heroic raids.
Is hard 2 hours a week for 10 toons?

They want to encourage people to play alts but they don't want people who play alts to not get the same sense of progression.
Eh... No.
The only way I could even possibly see this implemented was if tier tokens became BoA instead of BoP.
Obvious troll.

0/10, OP.

Just way too damned obvious.
*reads title*
*Thinks it is a way of exchanging tier bonuses*
*reads OP*

so you don't have to gear up anymore because gearing is hard.

*leaves thread*

Hold the door for me!
0/10, too easily spotted.
0/10, almost thought you were serious, then your last sentence happened.

this could have been a truly good troll, but you messed it up. lawl.
06/07/2012 10:00 AMPosted by Lettuce
0/10, too easily spotted.
0/10 terrible idea from terrible troll

No, this is just makin a point in a sarcastic way.

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