Shoulder Enchants in MoP

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Hey there. As we all know, head enchants are being removed completely in MoP, and shoulder enchants will be craftable by scribes. This is all fine and dandy, but exactly what shoulder enchants will be crafted by scribes? Will they just be making the new ones? or will all old shoulder enchants be removed from vendors and added to the craftable list? I ask because I was looking at my heirloom shoulders, and was curious how they would be affected. I know the old shoulder enchants from Zandalar are no longer in-game, but other enchants can be added, (but not activated until you hit the proper level requirement).

Also, if scribes do get to craft all of the shoulder enchants, as opposed to only the new ones, could we possibly get some new low level enchants for heirloom shoulders? Making shoulder enchants craftable is a decent idea, so why not make some for leveling purposes? (Leveling characters, and for upping the skill itself.)

Well, this fell a few pages down rather quickly...

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