mdps/tank LF Kiwi raiding guild on Saurfang

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I've been playing since vanilla and have seen most raids since old school MC.

Looking for a place to call home and possible some raiding in MoP. Currently taking a break from the game and getting some Diablo III in.

I am well-read, handsome, I like ... oh wait wrong website.

I do all the usual research on fights, specs, bring consumables etc. I have many alts that I dabble on but I am most comfortable smashing faces as melee dps or tanking (rogue, feral druid, warrior, enh shammy, and prot pally if forced to >_<). May also make a monk my main if they turn out to be fun.

Crude and vulgar G-chat not a problem.

May consider transferring for an exceptional guild (but no faction swaps)

Cheers ^_^
Hey there,
My guild Archon is currently looking for a DPS warrior for it's 10 man team. We're a bunch of mates who have come back from BC and have started raiding together. We are on Dath'remar, and we will be raiding from 9-12 on Sunday and Monday nights AEST.
Looking for players who are fun loving, have a sense of humour but are willing to put in the "hard" yards to down these "hard" cata bosses. We have just started raiding, and are looking for people to fill the rest of our team. We cleared 8/8 N mode DS on our first night, one shotting 5/8 bosses with ease, even though we were undergeared.
If you're interested, add me on real I.D

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