H <Organized Crime> is now recruiting 7/8 HM

Organized Crime is now recruiting new members.

We are a semi hardcore guild looking to push through more progression with a 10man group
We are currently 7/8 HM’s

Currently we are looking for active members to finish off the raid team. WE are also building up for MOP and casuals.

The raid times for both groups are as follows:
Group 1 & 2 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays

High need of class's below (Please have HM Experience )
We are looking for very active high attendance 90% + for raid nights.

Range DPS - Mage / Warlock

We are a very small guild and looking for a few core spots and some casual’s / sub’s for raiding.
We have been a guild for over 3 years on this server and going back some more time on our old server before we transferred here. We are also a level 25guild.

The guild has a laid back attitude but enjoys raiding and killing bosses.
We are by no means super hardcore but we are not super casual as well.
If you are looking for a short term guild spot please do not apply we are looking for long term raiders / guild members that are looking for a home for a long time.
Please also have a good sense of humor when applying.

All may apply as we will love to get some competition for some good raid spots.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us in game. If you have a smaller guild that may be looking to merge into our guild we will consider that as well. Even if your raid times are different and you just wanted the benefit of a level 25 guild.

Here are the officers you can contact.
Dominitus ( Dominhunt, Doominitus, Frôstitute, Elchargeo )
Frrenchy (Devilsinch, Numnumnum, Antiswallows, Hosierdaddy)

Or you can just whisper anyone in the guild and ask for an officer.

Thank you for your time.
Bump .... We are now looking for casuals and just some subs.

We will also be looking for some more members to maybe fill out a second 10man team as we had some members that wanted to take a break before and till MOP.... If your interested please whisper anyone in game... Also will consider merging with a smaller guild if they wanted the benifits of a level 25 guild without leveling....
We are still looking for One DPS for our core raid team... Looking for a solid Ret paladin... Please be geared enough for HM's.
Now currently looking for one mage.... Please have a fire and arcane spec if possible.

We are also 7/8 HM currently now... We are looking to fill this spot asap
i make boom boom on HM DW for you!
Bump for a good mage that wants a raid spot
Still looking for a mage for a core raid spot....
Free bump
Bump for a mage spot still open
Bump for the mages :)
Bump for range DPS.... Mage or Lock would be best
good guild you mages should join them :)

edit-wrong druid alt fail
Still looking for a lock or mage

Please have HM expereince ... Also a DK Tank spot just opened as well ...
Fill our DK Tank spot just looking for a mage or lock again :)
Are you currently running Tues Wed Thurs? (Just want to clarify your OP)

I may be able to fill that spot for you. (I'd be transferring) I am currently only 5/8HM but I have seen third plate lift on H spine and know the other fights.
Right now we are sitting at two nights for now but hopefully will only be one night... ALso we currently filled our mage spot atm for our main raid.

We are currently starting up a second raid group as well.

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