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Wyrmrest Accord
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There are currently many positions available within the guild, and we would like to see them filled. Authenticators are required within the guild for officer roles, no exceptions. Also to apply for officer positions you must already be in the guild, and the CO and XO agree to promote you to the position.

We are primarily a Forsaken guild, but there are places available for non-forsaken, as you will see. This list is subject to change as we fill the roles, and find new roles we need. This is also by no means a comprehensive list of everything available. If you have a good idea, or just want to be in the guild and choose your job later, you are more than welcome. What we want are RPers that enjoy the WoW RP, and are interested in a guild with many facets to it's RP.

Just because a number of us like to RP-PvP, does not mean you are forced to PvP. Play how you like, always.

We are mature players. Sometimes guild chat can get a bit hectic, and sometimes we cuss our faces off, but it is all in good fun. Chat is still moderated and if someone feels uncomfortable, all they need to do is speak up and the situation will be remedied.

LGBT friendly.

Troublemakers will be kicked without hesitation, but we are not unfair. If your IC is making someone uncomfortable OOC, it is time to stop.

Promotions are always on a case by case basis, and are decided upon by the CO and the XO.

Below the jobs information will be information regarding the various jobs which you can hire the Forsaken Watchers to do for your guild or group.

Guild Information:

The Forsaken Watchers serve the interests of the Dark Lady, for the Horde. We help guide those newly risen brothers and sisters of undeath into their new unlife.

Although buzzing with Forsaken, other races are seen working with, and for, the Watchers. Everyone is welcome if they are able and willing to serve our cause.

Main points of contact for Guild information / Upper Chain of Command

Crestaen, Master of the Forsaken Watchers, Commanding Officer
Ranzer, Advisor to the Master, Executive Officer
Mebahiah, General of the Darkwatch (contingency lead)

Diplomatic Department

Point of contact: Crestaen (for now)

Orc Liaison (high participation, officer, non-DK orc only)
Tauren Liaison (high participation, officer, non-DK tauren only)
Goblin Liaison (high participation, officer, non-DK goblin only)
Troll Liaison (high participation, officer, non-DK troll only)
Spiritual Development and Research Department

Point of Contact: Scyllah, Head Researcher

(open at the moment, speak to anyone in the research department to see what is needed)
The Darkwatch is the home guard of the Forsaken Watchers operating within the continent of Lordaeron.

There are eight divisions. Each division can have a maximum of 20 members and is led by a captain. On their judgement, a captain may choose lieutenants for specific areas. Captains may also request a member of another division for transfer.

Two divisions are in countries that border Lordaeron: the regency of Quel'Thalas and fallen kingdom of Stromgarde.


Tirisfal Glades: The Undercity and Brill
Silverpine Forest: The Sepulcher and the Forsaken Front
Hillsbrad Foothills: Tarren Mill and Southpoint Gate
The Hinterlands: Hir'watha Research Station and Revantusk Village
Western Plaguelands: Andorhal and the Bulwark
Eastern Plaguelands: Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave
Ghostlands: Tranquillien
Arathi Highlands: Galen's Fall and Hammerfall


Tirisfal Glades - General Mebahiah N'Shiymah

Silverpine Forest - Captain Karl Spritzenheinz (Karlheinz)

Hillsbrad Foothills - Captain Spot Available

The Hinterlands - Captain Luke Van Richter (Vanrichter)

Western Plaguelands - Captain Spot Available

Eastern Plaguelands - Captain Spot Available

Ghostlands - Captain Dahmian

Arathi Highlands - Captain Spot Available


(( To become a captain, an authenticator must be attached to the player's account. Captains count in the 20 person limit. Places of immediate need are Silverpine, Hillsbrad, and the Western Plaguelands. I recommend completing the quests in your zone before RPing there, particularly Silverpine, Hillsbrad, and the Western Plaguelands. Lastly, undead race is preferred, death knights are accepted. Blood elves may apply to Ghostlands Darkwatch on Captain Dahmian's jurisdiction. ))
Currently the UTAP program is on hold until we can find adequate time and manpower to run it.
130th FRST (Covert Operations)

Point of contact: Straezer.

More information coming soon.
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Spiritual Development and Research Department

I used to capture souls....I'd love to help develop spirits.
What for say the unending tide of flowers that wilt with the break of the sun over our shattered bloodstained blades? Dangerous and beautiful, we scream into the thirsty cup of our fury, ready to unleash the cry of our withered hilts.
I am interested in the position of The Darkwatch.
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