[H] GtE - 12/12 LF Social members

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updated for ever changing needs
What are your raid times and day?
also interested in your raid time and days.
We currently raid Tues, Wed, Mon 6.30-9.30 PST (9.30-12.30 EST)
Can I join your guild?
25% off faction change but I'm sure if I am cool enough to join you guys.
I do understand your concern, the pure cool factor of the guild does run deep.
Regret rolling that gnome?

Realized your female dwarf is the ugliest thing in the game?

Blizzard hears your cries and has offered a 25% discount on faction changes so you can come join our guild!*

*Entry into guild based on coolness. Deal with it.
Bump for more cool cats and awesome folks!

We have currently filled our quota on douchecanoes and jerkfaces. If you're one of those, please try again at a later date.
Currently building second raid team!

In need of off-tank, DPS, and healers!

Inquire within!!
Up we go!!

Come one come all!
Still looking, want to start the second group running next week
Do you have a Wednesday group?
We are starting a second group. hoping to make it independent sooner or later from the first group. Next Thursday is our first night raiding in second group. Bump for good people looking for good people
One of these days Alice...


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