[H] GtE - 12/12 LF Social members

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Well look at that...8/8 HM now.
Second group up and running, raiding Thursdays! Come replace the alts that are filling and experience the content before MoP
Bump for good people looking for good people
Server needs more Horde. Join them!
true story!
updated raid 2 needs
/rubs myself all over this thread.
aldyn always gets herself over everything
What Aldyn said...
Power Word: Bacon (raid team 2) still needs 2 tanks and a ranged dps!

Any one of those who also wants to be a raid lead are welcome also :D
Need a tank with DPS offspec still for second raid team!

Believe we are looking for a tank and a dps going into mists.
Power Word: Bacon still needs 1 tank (with dps OS) & 1 dps (prefer plate melee OR boomchicky/spriest/ele shaman)!!!
updated now we are ready to raid
Hey guys me and a friend are looking for a new guild was thinking about faction changing I am a shadow priest and he is a blood d.k what are your current needs?
Edit: We could make that work if you are still interested, Lets get together and chat

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