[H] 2/6 10s (10p-1a EST) LF all, prefer heals

Guild Recruitment
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Region: US
Realm: Undermine (PvE), medium population
Timezone: EST

▬▬▬▬▬ About Us
The Metalocalypse is an adult PvE-oriented guild with a relaxed atmosphere and a flexible night schedule. We focus primarily on 10 man progression. Two teams are available with room for promotion; we're currently recruiting for both, and those who are prepared can begin raiding immediately. On our off-nights we do BGs, achievement runs, LFR, dungeons, and more. We also play together outside of Azeroth: D3, Steam games, betas, etc.

TM has been an active guild on the server for over two years under the same caring, experienced leadership. Although we do push to finish the latest content and strive to compete with other guilds, we feel having a good time is equally as important. As laid-back adults with busy schedules during the day, we look forward to both pleasant and efficient groups.

▬▬▬▬▬ Recruitment Criteria
We are looking for new members with a positive attitude and an interest for challenging content. The ideal applicant:
  • 18+ (though not mandatory), must be respectful and mature
  • Takes pride in their character - both gear and performance
  • In control of own schedule (able to give advance notice of changes)
  • Has a stable connection / machine
  • If hybrid, must be able to DPS if/when needed
  • Most can't the least do not a bad job, but always a good

We believe in bringing the player not the class. Being a solid raider is more important to us than what color your name is in chat. ALL specs/roles are welcome! However, we could use the following for even loot distribution & more flexible raid comps:

  • DPS+HEALER: non-priest
  • DPS+TANK: any, MT position closed
  • mDPS: any, monk / DK would be best
  • rDPS: balance / elemental

  • DPS+HEALER: any
  • DPS+TANK: any, MT position closed
  • mDPS: any
  • rDPS: non-lock

[EDIT: Updated 10/18, highest priorities in UNDERLINE]

Please don't be discouraged if your class isn't listed. If you feel we'd be a good fit for you, we'd love to hear from you. :)

These are LONG TERM CORE SPOTS; we are not interested in temporary guild-mates!

▬▬▬▬▬ Schedule

10pm - 1am EST (can go longer if able to continue)
... or 7p - 10p PST / 8p - 11p MST / 9p - 12a CST

Team1 8/8H 2-3 nights
Wed or Thurs + Sun + Mon if needed
Team2 6/8H 1-2 nights
Fri + Sat if needed

rBG Team
Schedule is under discussion until a team is fully formed

The raid "teams" are not set in stone. Talented top performers can and will be 'upgraded' to the more advanced team to keep spots competitive. This goes both ways too. Schedule conflict? A Team1 player may temporarily join the other team on a different day rather than miss that week's lock-out. Team2 is also open to raid-ready alts of Team1 if there's room.

▬▬▬▬▬ Contact Info & Where To Apply
GM: Critolis
Officers: Ripp, Tunkor

Feel free to contact us in-game or /who and ask for an officer. Battletag / Real ID info available upon request. PMs on our website are linked to our e-mails for quick responses outside of WoW. Replies here will be checked regularly as well.

For more information and applications, visit us at WWW.THEMETALOCALYPSE.WOWSTEAD.COM
Prefer an interview instead? Contact any of us and let us know what time/day is good for you.

The Metalocalypse has been a successful guild for years because we're friends as well as teammates. If you're not willing to take both the ups and downs together (including the wipe-a-thons of new bosses) or if you are only here for the professor plums and not the camaraderie, please don't waste your time or ours. We're in it for the long run, and you should be too!

tldr; tired of banging your head against the wall with pugs or jerks? come headbang with us.
serious raiding for late night adults, also beer.™
You're here because you're one of us
Become a GEAR

lol nice ^
Also looking for demon hunters and wizards! Come get your nephalem stacks~
"Tunk, please don't post stupid stuff to make us look bad"


We got a real jam goin' down at The Metalocalypse!
For anyone who prefers applications instead of interviews, here is the direct link:
We will be online tonight to answer any questions!
Just finished replying to the latest batch of applications. Check your private messages (which automatically forwards to your e-mail) on our site or contact any of us in game!
If prepared, can being raiding immediately with us!
Just applied! Hopefully you can get too it soon and we can talk more.

Available for transfer at anytime!

c.kenney02@yahoo.com - REAL ID
if you wanna talk in-game
Missed older Cata content? We are also making plans to finish the meta achvs (mounts) this summer for anyone who didn't get theirs yet. Lots to do on off-nights!
Bonus points (and banana stickers) for the following race/class combos: Troll Rogue, Troll Warlock, and Goblin Warlock. Almost done unlocking 8th bank tab!
We are NOT recruiting for temporary fill-ins! We are looking for raiders interested in a stable, well-established home under the same leadership since creation.

Learn more about our gang @ http://themetalocalypse.wowstead.com/about-us
Still looking!
Best of luck on recruitment my guildies!
Welcome to <The Metalocalypse> where we can do it your way

...but don't get crazy
Attention server transfers interested: Like mentioned above, our server is on EST -- eastern. Unsure about time difference? http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc just in case

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