[H] 2/6 10s (10p-1a EST) LF all, prefer heals

Guild Recruitment
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LFM late night raiders
Open recruitment for MoP!

Team2 has openings to start immediately -- this Friday!
LFM for pandaland, also cata
Is this a good raiding start time for you? If you're reading this and you agree, we're the guild for you!

START TIME: 10:30 pm EST / 9:30p CST / 8:30p MST / 7:30p PST
Ripp and I are online now. Come chat with us!
Still have some spots available
The possibility of a deathknight spot that we mentioned earlier in this thread is looking to be more definite. This would be for Team1 as primarily DPS. Blood OS a plus but not required.
Open recruitment for all classes! Check our main post for spec needs.
Still looking for more to start MoP strong
Latest applications have been reviewed, logging on now and available to chat
LFM raiders! Get your core spot now before MoP
Someone whispered an officer during raid earlier tonight but didn't mention their main's name! Going to be online for a few hours if you're still on, mysterious person.
38 days till MoP!
Prefer an interview instead of an app? Officers are online now!
Core spots open

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