[H] 2/6 10s (10p-1a EST) LF all, prefer heals

Guild Recruitment
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Thnx Kane :)
Join quick -- loot goblin around the corner!
Below is just a small sample of what the ridiculous stuff I link in our very own private Ventrilo server.


Join now!
Could definitely use leather agility DPS! Such a shame to have to vendor heroic tokens & DE :(...
^Actually death knights too -- the three types we could use (DK, rogue, druid) all share those tokens.
I put in an app late last nite, feral dps would like to talk with you guys If could give me a time frame to come look u up.

Adding you via Real ID now, Zellijin. Will be online all evening tonight.

Also, next batch of apps have been reviewed. Check your PMs / come chat with us ASAP, new people. :)
Thought we'd mention it here since it's a FAQ: For any transfer related specifics, this page clarifies what gets moved, what doesn't, what changes, etc.


I'd definitely recommend reading it over for first time transfers.
WTB deathknights pst
My schedule actually fits you guys minus that Sunday. Can't guarantee 100% availability on sundays, the wednesday/thursday/monday however, I could.
Edited our post to reflect more current class needs. Higher priority on balance druids, deathknights, and elemental shaman.

Healers / tanks always welcome, just be able to DPS if needed. All classes encouraged to contact us though!
ret pally, if you wish add jordanvirden@ymail.com for more info
Hey, Jøjø. We've just added you. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Still looking for good DPS for both teams.
Edited our class needs.

High priority on solid healer(s) with a viable DPS OS. If prepared, can begin raiding immediately.

is good song.

Kirby games always had great music.
Feasts will always be provided for raiders. Anyone who doesn't enjoy lobsters before slaying internet dragons will be served an alternative dish:

♫ Healers healers bobealers, bananafana fo fealers, go hybrids ♪
I'll be online this evening to answer any questions.
Not quite geared for heroics yet? Join Friday Team and catch up quickly!

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