[H] 2/6 10s (10p-1a EST) LF all, prefer heals

Guild Recruitment
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I start every raid fight with this playing:


and so can you...

...join today!

Can also work with a druid.
Need healers.
I am online now. Come chat with us!
Haven't heard back from druids or shaman. :(
Still looking.
Main healer positions available. Fill-ins would like to go DPS MS.
Late night raiders wanted.
Druid or shaman healer wanted for Team1.

Team2 can be a little more flexible with classes.
Unsure of which group is right for you?

This group is more advanced and meets up often. Looking to push themselves and take on heroic modes ASAP. Ended Cata on a high note so you should be both motivated and committed for us to continue our success in Mists. Have immediate spots available as there are fill-ins who are unable to or uninterested in keeping up with the pace of advanced progression. A healer, DPS, or healing hybrid is needed most here.

This group would be better suited for someone who can only raid on weekends or perhaps simply enjoys the playstyle of a 1-2 nights a week. A more laid-back raider would fit in well. They may be on a lighter schedule, but progression is their goal too. There is a bit of leeway in this team who is working on gearing up still. However, they're starting soon so at this point you should be close to raid-ready. They need strong DPS and heals. Open to OT too, they are pretty flexible atm.
Team1 prefers a non-priest healer although an exceptional one may just convince me...
Both teams currently have open recruitment. We'd like to be sure we're well-prepared for the future in Mists.

Come talk to us if you think we sound like the home for you!
A resto druid would round out our roster quite nicely. WTB trees
Hello! I'm a resto/balance druid looking for a new home and your second team appears to have times more suited to my schedule than your first. I do have some more things that I'd like to talk to you about, though. I'm on my way over to your site to take another look and hopefully send you a PM. Hope to talk to you soon!
Looking forward to chatting, Morlifero. I should be home around 9pm EST this evening. :)
LFM late night raiders

10pm - 1am EST
... or 7p - 10p PST / 8p - 11p MST / 9p - 12a CST
Tried to hit the website earlier, but the application form was bugged or didn't like my laptop. Any chance you can shoot me an email? I don't play much during the week, so email would actually be the best for me. james_22180@yahoo.com. That's also my RealID if you'd like to add me. Thanks!

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