[H] 2/6 10s (10p-1a EST) LF all, prefer heals

Guild Recruitment
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Still need healers or DPS. Bonus points if healing hybrid.

Open to tanks too although will need you to be good at your DPS spec as well.
Healers wanted.
Online now. Come chat with us!
OK the application started working for me and my application is up on the site! Hope to hear from you soon!
GM Crit responded via PM, and I've also sent a friend request in game. Looking forward to chatting, Morlifero. :)

Team2 is looking good on full-time healers. Team1 still needs 'em!
LFM late night raiders

Open to all roles. If raid ready, can begin immediately.
Night owls, where are you?

Coincidentally, we don't have boomkins on either team.
LFM. If raid ready, can begin immediately.
Hey you, check your in game messages =p
Was nice chatting with you, Nooks. :) If anyone else would like to chat, officers will be available this evening.

Or, if prefer to skip to an application at any time, please visit us at: http://themetalocalypse.wowstead.com/recruitment
Responses in <24 hours!
I'm not home yet but GM Crit is available this morning.
Team1 seeks serious raiders. Must be raid ready or at least close to it.

Team2 starting up soon. Come get settled in!
LFM healers / OT / strong DPS
Bonus points if interested in challenge modes!
LFM healers / OT / strong DPS

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